This week marks five years of a disappearance that has perplexed and impacted many in KELOLAND.

Rachel Cyriacks was last seen five years ago this Tuesday.

Cyriacks was last seen in Woonsocket, South Dakota on Nov. 13, 2013. On Monday, KELOLAND News spoke on the phone with Sanborn County Sheriff Tom Fridley. He says the case remains open. They sometimes receive tips, but so far they have fallen short of bringing closure.

Two months after Cyriacks’ disappearance, the DCI took over the investigation. A pickup was recovered with significant undercarriage damage.

“We’d all be tickled if she said, ‘Hi, I’m here. And okay,'” Sanborn County Sheriff Tom Fridley said in March 2014.

“Just not knowing is hard on everybody,” neighbor Rian Boschee said in March 2014.

Another item that received attention was a photo, posted on Facebook, with a blanket that was also missing.

“This is a person that the family would like to have back, and if this works, if this triggers a piece of information, that’s all we’re after,” Fridley said in March 2015.

Relatives have offered a $1,000 reward. A state helicopter looked for her. So did cadaver dogs. Fridley also asked private pilots to help.

“We’ve even asked those that may have an airport that pilots need to get some hours in, if they’d just, do you want to fly Huron, Woonsocket areas to get hours? We’ll gladly take their assistance,” Fridley said in March 2014.

The search, even five years after her disappearance, continues.

“We always keep looking and listening,” Fridley said in November 2016.

Sanborn County officials suspect foul play was involved. If you have information on Cyriacks, contact the Sanborn County Sheriff’s Office at (605) 796-4511.