A stunning video of South Dakota’s own Badlands National Park is gaining traction online.

The video was filmed by an organization called More Than Just Parks. Their mission is to visit all 59 national parks in the United States.

The crew of three spent 14 days, traveled more than 100 miles and shot more than 20,000 photos and videos of the park.

Will and Jim Pattiz, the brothers who shot the short film, say visiting Badlands is like stepping onto another planet.

“I think we were kind of expecting it to be more desolate. When you actually get in there, it’s actually full of life and there’s just tons of wildlife,” Jim Pattiz said.

The brothers say this project started on a fluke – visiting their first national park a few years ago in Arizona. They say they were in total amazement. From that experience, they decided to share the National Parks with as many people as they could. 

In addition to creating the film, they’re also selling prints to raise money to continue their goal of reaching all 59 parks. 

“We sell prints and we allow folks to donate, but the big thing is just get out to the parks and experience them, because they are awesome and totally worth it,” Will Pattiz said.

Badlands was their seventh short film. 

All photos and video courtesy of Will and Jim Pattiz.