Months after its creation, the #MeToo movement is still going strong.

From Hollywood to Washington D.C., women across the country are fighting for respect, and an end to harassment.

KELOLAND’s Sammi Bjelland sat down with a group of women to talk about what the movement means. She previewed tonight’s Eye On KELOLAND about that discussion on KELOLAND This Morning.

The women I spoke with say there’s a lot that needs to change for women.

The topic of harassment in the workplace is something a lot of organizations are starting to tackle, however more needs to be done. One topic we discussed is what harassment looks like for women at work.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t like how somebody sent a comment in an email that wasn’t in a sexual tone, or anything like that. It can be awkward to have those points of conflict and tension,” Abby Bischoff said.

“I feel like if we would just say things when we see them, call them like they are, we would gain a lot more respect. Instead we take it back, we internalize it, we might talk to someone about it. It turns into more gossip and hearsay,” Brienne Maner said.

“But at the end of the day, we all have the responsibility, you know? The law puts the responsibility on each individual woman. Nothing can be done if she doesn’t speak up,” Jean Bender said.