FDA Approves First Migraine Medication


In May, the FDA approved migraine treatment drug Aimovig and experts are saying this is a huge step. 

The first of its kind drug is meant specifically for migraines, with a goal of reducing the amount and duration of migraines. 

Holly Hendriks began experiencing migraines when she started college.

“The older I got, I had a child when I was 27 and it wasn’t going away. It was hindering me being able to parent some days, and that’s when it was just like ok, you have to do something this isn’t normal,” Hendriks said. 

Hendriks says it began to feel that she was running out of options. 

“I’ve tried acupuncture, I’ve tried massage therapy, beta blockers that I would take on a daily basis, a preventative,” Hendriks said. 

Hendriks says the side effects of the medications were enough to make her prefer a migraine over the meds.

But thanks to the recent FDA approval of Aimovig, those experiencing migraines may have hope. 

“It’s injected under the skin. It can be done in the belly, arm, leg. It’s very easy to administer and the good thing is, it’s only done once a month,” Dr. Efart Feldman said. 

It was approved last month, and Feldman says she’s already prescribed it to patients. 

The new drug won’t eliminate migraines completely but doctors say it will shorten the duration of them but up to 50 percent. 

Although Hendriks is finding relief through botox treatment, the news about Aimovig excites her. 

“For the possibility of it maybe taking them away or having them last a day rather than 5 days or 10 days is a huge plus,” Hendriks said. 

“If the botox will work we can continue doing botox, but if she still has headache then we can consider the new treatment,” Feldman said. 

Feldman says most insurances cover the price, but only after you have attempted other treatments for at least 2 months. 

“It is exciting now that we finally have the medication that is very specific to treat the migraine,” Feldman said. 

“It was huge. i would say that it was, for my family life, for everything I would say that it was a life changing thing,” Hendriks said. 

Feldman says if you’ve been experiencing headaches for 2 years or more it’s time to visit a neurologist. 

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