Sioux Falls Fire Rescue worked Thursday afternoon to get people out of their homes east of South Minnesota Avenue, south of Interstate 229.  

The rescue efforts started around 2:30 p.m. with boats going out and rescuers lifting people to safety.  

Anthony Heard’s day dramatically changed with a phone call.

“I got a call from my wife, asked me to come home ’cause she was scared. So then I came home, I had to walk through the cold water, got home, and it just kept coming up. Within an hour, it was in my backyard … the next hour it was in my garage,” Heard said.

“The water kept getting deeper, and deeper, and it happened really quick, and then all of a sudden it was just all the way up to our house. And they came knocking on our door, telling us they’ll help us get us out,” Heard’s wife Alissa Doom said.

They were just a few of the people crews rescued on South Minnesota Avenue. Crews took them to higher, safer, and drier ground.

“I was happy and relieved at the same time, ’cause I was going to ride it out, but man I’m glad they came,” Heard said.

It’s one thing to see a hero in a TV show or a movie, but something else entirely when real-life heroes lift you up from scenes like these. Sioux Falls Fire Rescue clearly has this family’s admiration.

“They’re really nice, and I’m happy that they came and helped us, and that all you guys should stay warm and stay safe,” son Raysean Heard said.

“Oh I love the fire department. I watch ‘Chicago Fire’ all the time, so, but these guys are the real deal. They came and got us, appreciate it,” Anthony Heard said.