SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Have you ever heard of a barndominium or a shouse? It’s a house that was built with a style of architecture influenced by rural America.

But yet they have a modern design that draws inspiration from shops or traditional barns.

They are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who want to enjoy the rustic charm and modern features of this unique style.

“We’ve always just been kind of attracted to something that’s not quite mainstream,” Daryl Christensen said.

They dot the rural landscape….

“And it’s just what really appealed to us, it’s that simple,” Daryl Christensen said.

…..and lately you’re seeing more and more of them.

They’re called shouses; a cross between a shop and a house.

Some people call them barndominiums.

“I prefer bardominium, never quite accustomed to the shouse thing,” barndominium owner Daryl Christensen said.

Daryl and Joy Christensen built their barndominium a few years ago on the banks of Wall Lake.

“It started when Joy and I first got married, I wanted to buy a barn and refurbish one to live in,

That was more than 45 years ago, and while it never happened back then, they never gave up on that dream.

“This barn is somewhat of an inspiration of Joy’s grandfather’s dairy barn turn of the century dairy barn,” Daryl said.

Joy says she’s always loved history and big red barns.

In fact, her grandfather’s barn is depicted on this painting that hangs proudly in their big red barn.

“When it came time to build a barn, I said it’s going to be red, it’s going to look like a dairy barn, you do whatever you want to do with your shop Daryl, but this is what we’re going to have,” Joy said.

Joy was in charge of the interior, Daryl had his say with the shop.

Together they designed a 3,400 square foot barndominium with three bedrooms and three baths.

This barndominium even comes with its own cow and a screen door to the pantry.

“Really the shop is part of the square footage, I mean we overflow into that all the time; this Christmas especially with eight grandchildren running around and with cold weather we turn the heat up and back the cars out, that’s where a lot of playing took place and the use of new Christmas toys,” Daryl said.

Dusty Kusser, who’s a general contractor in Mitchell, has built 11 shouses for people in the past five years.

He says the biggest misconception about them is that they’re cheaper to build, but that isn’t strictly the case.

“Maybe cheaper per square foot, but you also have to realize you’re building a bigger building, you may have bigger shop space than a typical garage,” Kusser said.

Kusser says it’s the shop space that’s attractive to a lot of people.

“Very popular with people who like to entertain rather than having everyone in their house they can host people in their shop saves lots of headaches as far as cleaning up afterward,” Kusser said.

Kusser, who built his first shouse in 2018, says they’ve evolved over time.

“We did build a shouse that was 1.3 million dollars so it’s all in how much money you want to spend and how fancy you want your shouse to be, just like a typical high level executive home,” Kusser said.

“You can build a shophouse with 800 square foot of living area and 5,000 square foot of shop space or vice versa,”

For the Christensens, they say this one is perfect.

“This time we just did what Daryl and Joy liked and didn’t worry about anything else and it worked so for that reason I think we pretty much have everything we’ve always wanted and are comfortable with it at our age,” Daryl said.

“The way we can entertain here really appeals to me, because I love to have friends and family over, we can spill over into the shop, we can be upstairs, downstairs, outside, it’s perfect,” Joy said.

When they do entertain, it’s pretty easy to find. Just go to Wall Lake and…..well you can’t miss it.

“That’s it, that’s what we tell people just come around the curve and look for the big red barn,” Joy said.

Kusser says he already has three more shouses lined up to build.