Two Sioux Falls breweries expanding


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Two craft breweries in Sioux Falls are getting ready for some big changes.

Remedy Brewing Company is hoping to have a new production facility up and running soon. Meanwhile, Covert Artisan Ales wants to be on full display when it moves into a new location in downtown Sioux Falls.

Meet the Berry’s… two Veterans with years of experience serving in Army intelligence. Now they’re serving up six, less than secret, options at their taproom and brewery in northwest Sioux Falls.

“A friend of ours who owns a brewery in Belgium was like, ‘When are you going to do this?’ Kind of taught me about blending. Taught me about wild ales. Then I caught the bug I guess,” Berry said.

Covert focuses on the wilder and spontaneous side of fermentation. The Berry’s brew small batches, a few barrels at a time.

“The brewing details and then the wild yeast and then it comes together in this sort of marriage of flavor explosions,” Stacey said.

Some batches take six weeks while others can sit for two to three years.

Covert likes to use local ingredients when they can. They even crowd-sourced rhubarb recently for a new beer that’s now on tap.

“We do a lot of incorporation of fruit into our beers. I guess with the last name Berry, you kind of run with it,” Daniel said.

Daniel works on the recipes and Stacey recently quit her day job to be the primary brewer. Her full-time attention also allowed Covert to open a taproom here Fridays through Sundays.

“Then we opened the taproom and now we have the new place coming downtown. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens. Take everything as it comes along and hopefully everybody likes what we’re doing,” Stacey said.

Covert’s downtown taproom should be ready by spring near 8th and Railroad. The couple wants more people to be able to experience their creations. Their current spot is off the beaten path.

“I think to do that, you have to have a downtown taproom. A lot of foot traffic,” Daniel said.

Remedy Brewing Company knows all about that traffic. It opened downtown in 2017 and co-owner Matt Hastad says it’s now expanding because they need more beer.

“We found very quickly, within about 3-4 months after being opened up, we hit capacity on our system. Since then, it’s just been go, go, go,” Hastad said.

Hastad says Remedy is a few weeks away from having a production facility up and running near the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center in this unique building across from Burnside Park. It will boost their brewing capabilities from 1,000 barrels a year to 4,000.

Matt Holsen: If the walls could talk…

Hastad: Which wall? That’s the question. There’s a lot of extra additions that were put on here back in the day.

Because of the building’s age and its past uses, bringing it up to speed has been challenging. Construction is a few months behind.

“Then it became a dairy. Then it was a tire warehouse for a while. Then it became an indoor sports entertainment complex. Now, we’re putting it into what hopefully will be the long term tenant as a production brewery,” Hastad said.

Hastad and company can’t wait to start pumping out beer from this location with the goal of filling up these 250,000 cans. They’d like to get the cans and kegs into more parts of eastern South Dakota.

“You wake up every day going are we making beer yet? So you get really pumped about it,” Hastad said.

Pumped about state-of-the-art equipment including a new canning machine and grain handling system.

“It’s really going to be something to see on a brew day where we can pretty much, push a button, and have all of our grain weighed out for us and brought to one central location to make it super easy on our brewer,” Hastad said.

Making it easy to get Remedy’s beers to the public. Both Remedy and Covert are hoping to bring more unique options to people in Sioux Falls and out-of-state visitors dropping by for a fresh pint in Sioux Falls.

“So that’s kind of the way that everything is going is more that hyper local, beer made within a few blocks of your house with ingredients that are grown within a few miles of your house and really trying to keep as much money back into the local community as you can,” Hastad said.

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