Targeting a bigger opponent


A Sioux Falls man is one of the best dart throwers in the country.

Wes White started throwing competitively in 2007. Now, he’s been selected to be on Team USA to compete next spring in Las Vegas.

But right now Wes has his sites set on a much bigger target.

Wes White and his son Austin are always up for a friendly game of darts.

“He’s a good kid, he’s got a lot to learn about the game,” Wes said.

Well, actually Austin is one of the best dart throwers in the country, but then again, so is Wes.

“It took me many hours in front of the boards, many tournaments, many leagues to get where I am at,” Wes said.

If you know the game of darts, you probably know Wes and if you know Wes, you know he has a big heart.

“I’ve done a lot of benefits for people with cancer, car accidents, just to help people, financially, you know, take a little bit of burden, we can’t take it all, but we can take a little bit,” Wes said.

“Anytime we’ve ever had fundraisers before for anybody else who’s gone through hard times Wes has always been one of those who’s kind of spearheaded the charge to get the stuff done,” Nate Knuth said.

Sadly, it’s Wes who needs help now.

While he’s one of six dart throwers who’ll be competing for Team USA in April, right now he’s taking on a much bigger opponent. Wes has cancer.

“Hanging in there one day at a time,” Wes said.

Wes had undergone seven weeks of radiation treatments five days a week; now he’s undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

“They told me they were gonna hit me with everything they had, because it was close to my voicebox, it’s by my arteries in my neck. They wanted to make sure that they can do everything they possibly can to shrink it before they make a decision if they gotta go back in to take it out, or keep going with radiation and chemo,” Wes said.

Austin looks up to his dad and considers him a role model.

“My relationship with my dad is a lot closer than anybody else and I see it as one of the best I could look at it, and his relationship is impacted my life a lot, he’s always been there for me,” Austin said.

And now the dart family is here for him.

Later this month Austin and other dart players from around the state are putting on a fundraiser here at the Nickel Spot to help his dad.

“It means so much to me, so much that I see a lot of people posting about it, sharing our fundraiser on Facebook, and just messaged me saying, they’re going to be there for it blows me away,” Austin said.

“Now that it’s Wes who needs help everybody’s circling the wagons as you could say, and they’re coming, or everybody’s coming to the forefront, try to help him out, because he’s helped out dozens and dozens of people over the last 20 years,” Dart League director Nate Knuth said.

“It means a lot, a lot of people stand up behind this. And people from people all around the Sioux Falls area, Rapid City, Brookings, there’s people standing up behind this from Sioux City, Iowa, Minneapolis. it’s really hard to swallow,” Wes said. “I can’t put it into words.”

You don’t have to Wes, because your actions speak louder than words.

“I just want to say thank you to everybody out there who stands behind me 100%. I’m not one to ask for help and the help that I got out of throughout this whole process. It’s been so overwhelming,” Wes said.

Now that’s how dart throwers hit the bullseye in a group.

The fundraiser for Wes is this Saturday at the Nickel Spot where they’ll hold a dart tournament, silent auction and more.

For more information on the fundraiser click here

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