SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A popular romance novel by a Sioux Falls author is now being made into a movie.

Sioux Falls mom, Amy Daws, published her first book in 2014.

“A memoir called Chasing Hope, which is about my struggle through recurrent pregnancy loss,” Daws said. “These rings that I wear are what the Sanford Hospital gives you if you lose a baby.”

But after writing about her emotional journey, she decided to switch gears to something a little lighter.

“I decided to try my hand at a romance novel, now I’m 22 books later and still going,” Daws said.

She’s been writing full time for five years now, publishing at least two books a year.

“Every day I’m doing author stuff whether it’s signing books or doing marketing or social media is a huge part of the success of my business,” Daws said.

Daws credits TikTok videos for the sudden success of several of her books.

“With the emergence of TikTok now, any old books of mine have a chance to take off again,” Daws said.

That’s exactly what happened when one of her books, published more than two years ago, was shared by an influencer online.

“My book, Blindsided, hit number one on the entire Amazon Kindle store, that’s competing with all books, that’s because some TikToker made a TikTok about my book,” Daws said.

Daws also shares a lot of her writing process on social media, including one of her unique sources of inspiration.

“I noticed my posts had started going a little bit viral on social, it wasn’t until Buzzfeed reached out for an interview, that I realized, I was blowing up,” Daws said.

An overnight sensation all because of where she found inspiration for her writing.

“I had just quit my day job to become a full time author, I couldn’t find a rhythm at home,” Daws said.

She tried many different coffee shops around town, but couldn’t get the words flowing until she had car trouble one day.

“I brought my laptop and sat in their customer comfort center and all of a sudden I was inspired,” Daws said.

For the next few weeks, Daws used every excuse she could to get back to the Tires Tires Tires lobby.

“I was bringing in my family’s cars for oil changes, my neighbors like ‘hey can I take your car in for an oil change, I really want to sit in that Customer Comfort Center,'” Daws said.

Once Tires, Tires, Tires figured out what she was doing, they rolled out the welcome mat in a big way, even installing an extra outlet and USB station in Daws’ favorite seat in the Customer Care Center.

“A tire shop and a romance author, it’s an unlikely pairing,” Daws said.

The perfect recipe for a great romance novel–and the inspiration for her book Wait With Me.

“It’s about a romance novelist who sneaks into a tire shop waiting room to write,” Daws said.

She wrote about several of her experiences writing at Tires Tires Tires in the book.

“There were some funny things that happened to me in the waiting room while I was there, one of my author friends had a pizza delivered to me in the waiting room as a prank, that was totally in the book,” Daws said.

Out of all of her romance novels, Wait With Me has the most references and connections to Sioux Falls.

“I wouldn’t have written Wait With Me if I hadn’t snuck into Tires Tires Tires all those years ago, really funny that all of those books that’s the one that got made into a movie,” Daws said.

Now her Sioux Falls inspired book will soon be released as a movie.

“I randomly got an email one day from a company called Passionflix saying we’d like to make your book into a movie, is it open for film options?” Daws said.

Passionflix is an app similar to Netflix that has produced about 30 original productions, all of them bringing romance novels to life.

“They very much like to stay true to the book, to involve the author and make sure it stays true to the story,” Daws said.

For the past few months, Daws has played a key role in helping the production team bring her fictional characters to life.

“Once they greenlit production it was a fast track to getting the screenplay finalized, casting, everything, next thing I know I’m flying to Atlanta and I’m in this tire shop that they have set up to look just like Tires Tires Tires, I’m watching people turn my book into a movie,” Daws said.

And after her first day on set, she quickly found another incredible South Dakota connection in the actress playing the lead Katie Smith–the romance novelist in Wait With Me.

“Madison Lawler, the girl that’s staring in my movie, is from South Dakota, she’s from Rapid City,” Daws said.

A perfect fit for a book and now a movie that all started in a Sioux Falls auto shop.

“I never planned to write a tire shop romance, but here I am and now it’s being made into a movie,” Daws said.

Wait With Me the movie just wrapped up filming last week and will likely be ready to release on Passionflix and Amazon Prime Video sometime this spring.