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MOUNT VERNON, S.D. (KELO) – Agriculture is one of the top industries in South Dakota. With that in mind, one KELOLAND farmer is raising awareness about agriculture in the state, by taking you behind the scenes of what’s happening on his family farm.

Harvest season is in full swing for farmers across KELOLAND.

That’s true for members of the Sonne family, who farm near Mount Vernon.

You’ll find Cole Sonne driving the grain cart while his dad combines corn.

You’ll also often find Cole carrying around this GoPro.

“I just start the day, wake up, grab my camera, just take video throughout the entire day,” farmer, YouTuber, Cole Sonne said.

It’s all for his YouTube channel – Sonne Farms, where he highlights different aspects of farming in South Dakota.

“I started about two years ago, and just kind of started with some drone video and I threw it up on YouTube not really thinking much of it, and a couple videos took off and getting views, and I was watching some YouTubers at the time and with a little push from my family and myself, I decided to try vlogging and after a while it kind of just started growing and kept going, and here we are,” Cole Sonne said.

Now he posts about three videos a week.

“Basically everything that happens on the farm we take video of, right now, of course, we are in harvest, and after that we are going to be doing some tillage, some manure spreading, and coming into February we are going to be calving, so see it all, what we think of as a normal South Dakota farm,” Cole Sonne said.

People from all over the country are watching, and that’s not all.

“I get a lot of people that say hey we are from Texas, and it’s definitely across the whole world, about 50% is the United States and Canada and it breaks down from there, but it is people from all over the US and the world,” Cole Sonne said.

Cole’s dad and uncle even make appearances in his videos.

“He’s definitely got his own fans and so part of the subscribers really enjoy him, part of them really enjoy me, and part of them actually really enjoy my uncle, and so he doesn’t help edit but he does take up a good portion of the videos and brings a lot of entertainment to the videos,” Cole Sonne said.

“I think people really like to see the family bond that we have, and they are looking for an outlet right now, they’re at home a lot and they’re maybe spending a little more time on the computer and they see what we are doing and it kind of takes them back to years ago, everybody has got a little bit of farm in their background, I think for the most part, especially here in the Midwest,” farmer, Cole’s dad, Brian Sonne said.

While Cole enjoys putting the videos together, he also hopes they can help raise awareness about agriculture.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions out there and I really hope these videos bring a lot of people to understanding why we do what we do and how we do it, I would say the majority of my viewers are in the farming community, but I do get a lot of comments that say I don’t know how I ended up here but I learned a lot and I really enjoy the videos,” Cole Sonne said.

Something he hopes he can continue to do for years to come.

“He’s driven for it, he lives for it, he loves doing it, and I’m one of his biggest fans, myself and his mother,” Brian Sonne said.

“I’ve thought where would it be if I did it for 20 years and kept going with it, as of right now, I don’t see myself quitting any time soon, but I am excited to see where this goes,” Cole Sonne said.

Cole is also part of the United States of YouTube. That includes a map of the United States and when you click on South Dakota, his videos will show up.

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