SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Santa Claus made his way around the globe for Christmas, and that included some stops in Sioux Falls to see kids and add some extra Christmas cheer.

Brandon Timmerman (who will be referred to as “Santa” in this story) has been visiting people for free in the Sioux Falls area off and on for up to six years. What started out as a gag visit for a Christmas event in Okobiji, Iowa, about nine years ago has snowballed into more and more special visits at schools, family gatherings and other Christmas parties.

“Pretty much just seeing people’s faces. Just being available around Christmas, Christmas eve too. Not everyone always gets the chance to visit Santa in the mall or wherever they should be,” Santa said.

Santa says people shouldn’t have to pay to see him.

“I just do it whenever it’s convenient for both parties. Seeing the people’s excitement is always pretty neat to see, especially when they’re around family and loved ones,” Santa said.

He has done up to 20 to 30 visits in the Sioux Falls area in years past.

“Very awarding just seeing their smiles when they happen to see Santa walk through that door,” he said.

Santa visited the Smart’s family Christmas in Sioux Falls a couple of weeks ago. Afton Artz has five kids between the ages of three months to six years old. The oldest, Adylee, was excited when Santa walked in and she yelled…

“Santa’s here!” Adylee yelled.

Artz says it was very magical for the whole family

“He came in and brought some cheer and then brought some gifts. They got to open them, take pictures with him, talk to him, have conversation, so it was really neat and personal for each of them to be able to do that,” she said.

This is the first time ever that Santa had visited their family gathering. She knows him since they used to work together.

“I think it is amazing that he’s able to do that and he takes time. He’s such a kind person knowing him personally, and then being able to see him come and do that and give the magic to the kids,” Artz said.

And it wasn’t just for the young kid — even the adults, including Artz’s mom Renee Keiser and grandma Donna Smart, were also a part of the fun.

“My sisters and I, we made sure we got a picture with Santa. It was just so nice, and it was just so heartwarming to have somebody in our community who’s willing to give,” Keiser said.

“We had a lot of fun. The kids all enjoyed Santa and everything, and I enjoyed it too,” Smart said.

Having Ol’ Saint Nick at this family gathering made the time with loved ones even more special.

“After my dad has passed, one of things he wanted to do was to have the family get together, and for Santa to come in and fill that magical space for the kids without my father. It was just immeasurable. It was so wonderful,” Keiser said.

Making the Christmas gathering a core memory that will last with these family members forever.

“The more I see people are happy and excited to see Santa Claus, the more energized and happier I feel inclined to do it,” Santa said.

“He just wanted to do it for being him, you know, for being special and being able to serve the community. What a special person,” Keiser said.

And depending on time and availability, Santa says he plans to visit families again next year at no cost to them.