SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Another summer is quickly nearing its end, and at least one staple of the season has already come and gone.

Bike Night at Red Rock Bar & Grill near Rowena is a fundraiser for Children’s Home Society and recently wrapped up its summer-long ride.

Bike Night is a weekly celebration that’s been happening every summer for nearly a decade at Red Rock Bar & Grill.

“You’ve got people in suits, you’ve got guys that are Sons of Anarchy looking folks and everybody in between. And we’re all coming together, listening to great music and raising money for a great cause,” Bike Night MC Frank Anderson said.

Bikers of every kind coming together in support of Children’s Home Society.

Anderson says he didn’t know a lot about CHS when he started the job six years ago.

“I did a little research and found out the good work they do in the community. I wanted to get on board and I came out, and I love that it’s flourished. I love that the guys come out here year after year and we raise lots of money for a great cause,” Anderson said.

“We just choose kids because they don’t have a choice. Those kids that are there didn’t really do anything to be there, they just ended up there,” Red Rock Bar & Grill owner Mitch Runge said.

Runge says Bike Night will raise about $30,000 this year and is nearing $150,000 over the past decade.

“It’s definitely something to be proud of. It’s a lot of work, it’s a lot of time and a lot of effort and a lot of energy by a lot of people,” Runge said. “Customers come up and they’ll help tear 50/50 tickets or sell 50/50 tickets or whatever it is, buy the 50/50 tickets. This is done by all the people that come here, this isn’t just by us,” Runge added.

Bike Night isn’t the only game in town when it comes to giving back to CHS.

“Fifteen years ago, we were looking for a good local charity and Children’s Home Society just fit it perfect,” Those Guys A.B.A.T.E President Dave Brende said.

The organization’s annual Poker Run raised more than $19,000 in a single day this summer.

“This year we had over 600 riders show up. It was probably a record-breaking run for Sioux Falls,” Brende said.

The event has produced north of $200,000 over the past 15 years, all for the kids.

“They just got a bad hand in life and we figured we’re going to help them out a little bit,” Brende said.

That’s not where the generosity of the Poker Run ends.

“We do a ride through the Children’s Home Society. We bring all the bikes over there. They have a cookie/lemonade stand; free will donation. They get to decide what to do with that money themselves from that. This year, they raised over $900 on their cookies and lemonade from the generosity of the bikers,” Brende said.

Brende has also taken time to witness the donated dollars at work.

“They’ll take you through, show you where your money is going, how it’s being used, how it’s helping the kids. It’s just a great charity,” Brende said.

“The community loves to come out and support the kids and we’re blessed to be the conduit of how people help, get involved and make a difference,” Children’s Home Society Director of Development Rick Weber said.

Weber stresses the importance of every donation.

“Of our whole $32-million budget for the Children’s Home Society, about one-fourth is charitable. That’s a big number and that’s why these events are so critically important,” Weber said.

He says the local motorcycle community is doing its share and then some.

“There’s a big group out there and they have fun and they do good, and they sincerely care about kids and they care about helping and they do make a difference through all they do,” Weber said.

The money raised helps support six programs at Children’s Home, with one goal in mind.

“Ultimately, we’re just trying to help kids be safe, have a good family situation, just have the kind of experience to grow up in a healthy, good way so they can be good, productive, healthy adults,” Weber said.

And the bikers plan to be there to lend a hand.

“Next year is our tenth year, so we do plan on trying to drum it up a little bit for next year,” Runge said.

“We’ll keep doing it as long as the riders keep showing up,” Brende said.

Click HERE if you’d like to support the cause and donate to Children’s Home Society.