PREVIEW: Prepping For 5G Arrival

A South Dakota company already has a leg up, and then some, when it comes to laying the groundwork for the arrival of 5G technology.

Sioux Falls Tower and Communications is training new hires on how to install the equipment and antennas that will one day bring 5G to your wireless devices. But being a tower climber can be a little intimidating, even for those who have no fear of heights.  

"I'm kind of an adrenaline junkie myself, so climbing up in the wind, it's a little bit scary, but it's fun," Ben Raynor said. 

But to install 5G, adrenaline junkies won't have to climb as high as the cell towers of today. Find out how 5G's lower altitude could be a plus for recruiting workers who will have to install thousands of towers across the country, in Friday's Eye On KELOLAND, at 10.

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