PREVIEW: A Survivor’s Story


Saturday marks 45 years since a deadly attack at Gitchie Manitou State Preserve. 

KELOLAND’s Kelli Volk spoke with the woman who survived the horrific night. 

Sandra Cheskey was 13 when she and four teenage boys were at Gitchie Manitou. 

They were attacked by three brothers.

All four boys died. 

Sandra went 40 years without speaking about the tragedy. 

But then she agreed to do a story with a local newspaper. 

“After that article came out, I decided I needed to get a book out for my grandkids,” Cheskey said. 

That’s how the book Gitchie Girl came to be. 

“All of a sudden I wasn’t walking with my head down anymore, which I had been taught to do. ‘Walk with your head down. Then the reporters can’t get any pictures,'” Cheskey said. 

Kelli Volk: Coming up Friday on KELOLAND News, I’m sitting down with Sandra and the authors of the book to find out how it became a key part of her healing journey. 

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