HARRISBURG, S.D. (KELO) – From your phone to TV, access to news is easier than ever. And now a new podcast is giving parents in the Harrisburg School District more than just the 411.

It’s called the 41-2.

The Harrisburg School District’s newest way of getting out important information is now right at your fingertips with a podcast.

“We were shooting around some ideas and we thought the 411 is what gives you information and we are Harrisburg 412 so we are giving you a little bit more information than the average 411,” communications director, JoAnne VerMulm said.

“We’ve spent a lot of time with our media and communications team in the past couple of years trying to make sure we are reaching all of our community members and so we’ve spent time adding in a nice footprint on social media and this podcast is another way to reach some of the people that live in our community,” director of instruction and federal programs, Michael Amolins said.

From an increase student enrollment and how to accommodate that, the district has a lot going on, and communication director, JoAnne VerMulm, thought this could be a good way to showcase that.

The first episode was launched in July.

“Our first recording was just kind of laying the foundation for our growth and focused on East Middle School, which is currently being built over by the roundabout on southeastern, and then simultaneously our freshman academy being built somewhere around 85th and Cliff,” JoAnne Vermulm said.

Often times an email or letter in the mail can be overlooked, but a podcast can be a unique and convenient way for someone to get their information.

“I do feel like we are bombarded with information all the time and so it gets lost in the pile,” VerMulm said. “I love a podcast because you can listen to it while you’re driving, or going for a walk.”

Not only do they want to highlight all that is happening in the district, but also what teachers are doing in their classrooms or the accomplishments of students.

“I think it’s really important that districts do everything that they can to tell the good news, all the wonderful things our educators are doing, all the things that our students are doing and the more outlets you have to do that, the more we can make sure people see the positive things that are happening in education,” Amolins said.

VerMulm says the first episode that was released was a success, and she believes the popularity will continue as more topics are discussed.

“The people I’ve talked to, they’ve all said it went great and sounded great, and again I feel like as we get more going we will pick up more of a following but that first day after I released it, I kept getting emails from the place where I uploaded it, telling me that ‘congratulations, you have 100 downloads,” Vermulm said.

Information only a listen away.

“I think it’s going to be an exciting thing, I know 412, it’s like the 411 but we kick it up a notch, and so it’s going to be an exciting time,” Amolins said. “Just to tell stories about the wonderful things that are happening here and making sure people know.”

For information on how to listen to the podcast, we’ve provided a link here.