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If your garbage still hasn’t been picked up by Sioux Falls Sanitation, don’t expect it to go anywhere.

It’s been at least three weeks since Sioux Falls Sanitation last provided service to either its residential or commercial customers.

“I mean I got a new service I asked them, hey if I pay an extra fee can you please just dump this trash, it’s gross,” customer Stephanie Ihnen said.

But customers aren’t the only ones left confused. Sioux Falls Sanitation workers haven’t heard from the owner, Kay Kramer in more than two weeks.

“We’ve tried calling her, texting her, she will not return our calls and texts. I don’t even know if there’s anybody down in the main office anymore to answer the calls. As far as I know I don’t think there is. So as far as calling there, you probably won’t get an answer there either,” Sioux Falls Sanitation Manager Brad Hasche said.

Sioux Falls Sanitation workers are left with no way of collecting garbage.

“Unfortunately when you don’t have insurance, you don’t have fuel, you can’t go to the dump. There’s nothing we can do,” Hasche said.

But this isn’t the first time Sioux Falls Sanitation has been under scrutiny. In 2017 KELOLAND Investigates looked into Sioux Falls annual recycling reports.

FROM 2017 PIECE —-
“In fact, since the city started imposing an expected recycling rate in 2011, when fewer than half made the goal, most of Sioux Falls garbage haulers have risen within the acceptable range. 
In 2012, five haulers were at the bottom of the list and faced fines.
In 2013, Sioux Falls Sanitation was the only hauler who didn’t make the recycling goal.
In 2014, it was Dan’s Garbage Service.  
In 2015, Sioux Falls Sanitation was back on bottom and in 2016, it remained there, along with Dakota Disposal and Waste Management”

Garbage haulers have to pay more at the landfill if they don’t meet the minimum recycling requirements. But, they also risk losing their license if they remain at the bottom of the list for three years. 

In 2017 Sioux Falls Sanitation went above the goal of recycling rates. And in 2018 they were above the surcharge standard. The Sioux Falls Landfill is the one who tracks commercial haulers recycling.

“We have recycling goals, and we do keep track of their weights the recycling weights that way we can see what percentage they’re meeting,” Sanitary Landfill Superintendent Donny Kuper said.

And there’s yet another issue for Sioux Falls Sanitation this year. 

“We checked our records, the last load they brought us is on May 15, so that would violate that section of the ordinance that says you’ve got to provide solid waste service for your customers at least once a week and then you have to dispose of it or bring it to the landfill within 48 hours of pickup,” Mark Cotter, director of Sioux Falls Public Works, said.

The landfill also keeps track of that data.

“Our software does generate a report at the end of each night, so we’ll review that and if a hauler hasn’t been coming in for a certain period of time, that will throw a red flag,” Kuper said.

The City of Sioux Falls is looking to help customers of Sioux Falls Sanitation who haven’t had service.

“We’ll be sending out letters, and you’ll be able to use those letters to come to the landfill with their garbage container that you may or may not have garbage in and that letter will act as a pass through the landfill,” Kuper said.

In the meantime, customers are still left wondering.

“So theres a lot of unanswered questions and with them not answering, not giving any communication at all, not even a letter. What are we supposed to do? It’s frustrating,” Ihnen said.

If you have Sioux Falls Sanitation as your garbage hauler, click here to get in contact with the sanitary landfill.

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