SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) — The community of Sioux Falls will be able to contribute a piece of artwork to a new citywide art project.

Each of these puzzle pieces starts off as a blank canvas. But by the end, each piece is a reflection of the individual who paints it.

“We just wanted to put out a positive message there that everybody counts. You know, everybody has a role to play in society, and we all belong together,” said Pat Herman, Special Projects planner.

Pat Herman with the Center for Disabilities teamed up with Connect for Health to kick off this idea of a citywide art project using these ‘people puzzle pieces’. The Sioux Falls Community Foundation funded the $10,000 project.

“To let people show themselves as individuals, but knowing that we all belong and make up the community together,” Herman said.

The mural, called ‘My Story, Our City’ will be built with a thousand of these pieces. The goal is to have groups and organizations across Sioux Falls and beyond paint a piece. The plan is to then display them across the city.

“So we hope to connect with nursing homes, schools, other places that. If they’re really interested in doing this project, and then once we’ve assembled it, leaving some of them so they can make their own mural and keep it there as well,” Herman said.

One of the organizations working with Herman on this project is Union Gospel Mission. Arts Director Heather Craig says she was excited to partner up.

“I said absolutely. We have the space to make all of these little people happen. It’s so exciting to see each of the people becoming part of this bigger mural project,” said Heather Craig.

The Mission hosts volunteer events for groups in South Dakota and surrounding states. This group comes from Immanuel Lutheran Church in Iowa. Craig says she wanted them to contribute to the project.

“Every single person is an artist, there is something inside of us that is there to create,” Craig said.

“The painting purpose’s to like kind of show others different elements of character and emotion,” said Caleb Frostestad of Spirit Lake.

Caleb Frostestad and his sister Bethany say they wanted to show their interests in their piece.

“The last five years I’ve raised ducks for 4-H and… they just truly elicit strong emotions of calmness and gentleness,” Caleb said.

“I’m a part of basketball cross country. And I’m also a part of the band, I play the trumpet. And I also painted a bike because I love biking in the summertime,” Bethany said.

Herman says they have painted around 50 ‘people’ so far. With many more to go, she hopes this project will continue bringing more of the community together.

Herman says they are not sure when the project will be completed.

If you’re interested in contributing or seeing some of the pieces, you can find a link to their website here.