Pictures Worth A Thousand Words


We’ve all heard the saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ A Sioux Falls artist is giving that phrase a whole new meaning. 

As good as this picture of Marilyn Monroe looks, it honestly isn’t that great of an oil painting…….that’s because it’s not an oil painting. 

“No there’s no paint on them whatsoever, it’s just all paper,” Kirby Schultz said. 

You heard right, it’s paper; tiny pieces of paper strategically selected and glued together to look like the iconic actress.  Take a closer look. 

“In her dress there are hundreds and hundreds of tiny little faces that make up her dress,” Schultz said. “And if you look into the finger nails you’ll see lipstick and the background is all torn up script from ‘Some Like It Hot,’ so everything has a reference back to the artist that we are working on.” 

Check out the portrait of John Lennon. 

“If you look close there are thousands of pictures of the Beatles and there’s sheet music and just words from lyrics and if you look really close you’ll see iconic phrases ‘All You Need Is Love’  and ‘Give Peace A Chance,’ Schultz said. 

Proving a picture really is worth a thousand words. 

“The beauty is if you don’t like something you just paste right over it, you don’t erase anything you just keep going until you like it,

He loves this one.  that’s because it’s a portrait of his wife Lindsay.  Like the others, it too looks very abstract up close, but when you stand back, you see an amazing piece of work. 

“So I started ripping ads out of Vogue magazines for color and I treated each ad as there’s a red, there’s a skin tone, there’s a hair where there was actual hair in the ad or blue eyes or red lips or whatever, so I just categorized my colors just like you would with oil paint,” Schultz said. 

Schultz says every portrait is unique in its own way.  He still does oil paintings, too, like this one of singer Ray Charles.  But Schultz says his collages are the most popular. 

Schultz still has his very first one, which hangs in his basement yet today of Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.  Only this portrait is made from, believe it or not, Doritos, yes the tortilla chip. 

“And I learned by taking three different colors of Doritos and smashing them up and mixing them together just like paint I could make an image out of Doritos,

And that got him thinking about paper, magazines and other clippings and what he could make with those. 

He says it’s all about experimenting and finding different ways to make art. 

“If you tear the paper one direction you get an affect, if you tear it the other direction, you’ll get a nice fine white line on the edge, so I use that fine white edge of the torn paper as a highlight in like the hair or creases or in the clothing or wherever,” Schultz said. 

Schultz likes to try different techniques, like in his John Lennon. 

“I printed some of the lyrics onto tissue paper in the copier and then I would tear them and start to layer them so you can see words under words, so that’s an experiment as well, how does this work and if you use a different kind of glue or a spray glue what happens to the translucency?

As you can see what happens is simply amazing. 

He’s gone through stacks and stacks of magazines, needless to say his subscriptions have gone up considerably 

Don: So if there are any young kids out selling magazines, this would be a good place to stop?
Kirby: This would be a good place. 

Schultz says his next collage might be one of all four of the Beatles. 

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