MITCHELL, S.D. (KELO) — There’s a brand new house on the market in Mitchell.

It was built by students at Mitchell Technical College.

“I’ve been a part of doing a little bit of everything on it,” Mitchell Tech student Kelton Quinn said.

Kelton Quinn is in the Architectural Design and Building Construction program.

He’s also employed by a cabinet maker.

His passion for building goes back to his childhood.

“Since a kid, building little trinkets and who knows what. Then in high school I was part of the plays and building sets kind of got me thinking about this,” Quinn said.

Now, he and his fellow classmates can add house to the list.

“Some of the stuff, of course the excavation and stuff like that we hire out, but the concrete, footings, foundation, drywall, tape, texture, paint, everything is done by the students,” ABDC program director Jim Mahoney said.

Students started constructing the home in a shop last school year, and it was later moved to a site in the Wild Oak Development.

Now, it’s ready to be sold.

It’s for sale by sealed bid with the minimum set at $530,000.

It’s the 109th home built by Mitchell Tech students.

It features a three-car garage with a fourth stall for a golf cart.

The main level of the house is 1,751 square feet and includes two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

The basement is partially finished.

The two other Mitchell Tech programs involved in home building are Electrical Construction and Maintenance and Heating and Cooling Technology.

“Feels good knowing that you had a part of it and the work that you put into it alongside your classmates. It feels good knowing you had a part in this house and it’s eventually going to get sold,” Mitchell Tech student Tony Bruguier said.

Tony Bruguier, who’s already employed by an HVAC business, is picking up skills that will serve him well after college.

“You can make mistakes here then you’re going to get taught by your instructor how to do it right, but when you’re out there you’re obviously going to make mistakes, but you know how to do them and how to fix them yourself instead of having some assistance,” Bruguier said.

Meanwhile, Mitchell Tech’s 110th house is already in the works.

Over time it will come together, just like house 109.

“Starting off, we just started with a bare floor and sometimes it looked like it might not come together, but it really has. It’s kind of fun to see it all tie in in the last couple of months,” Quinn said.

Bids must be in no later than 10:00 AM on April 19th.

For more details on the house, click here.