SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A Sioux Falls couple is proving it’s never too late to find someone special.

They are an example of what love, respect and friendship bring to a marriage. But for one of them, the clock is ticking.

Both widowed, Orv and Kay Nettifee first met 9 years ago when a friend at church played matchmaker.

They took long drives and talked a lot, especially about families.

“You always have someone right there by you to talk to, be with and share,” Kay said. “And both of us were very lonely before we got together.”

But this is not a union of convenience, it’s easy to see they treasure each other.

“When we married, we knew we wouldn’t get to celebrate many anniversaries, so this is why we do it every month,” Kay said.

For Orv, the monthly anniversaries present a challenge universally known to husbands.

“What it means to me is you better not forget, (laughs) no,” Orv said.

The laughter they share comes naturally, as does their love of their faith and families.

On the 14th of every month, they celebrate their love.

After trying many restaurants, Orv and Kay found their spot at Botski’s, a neighborhood bar and grill.

“You know sometimes you just luck out,” Owner Mike Klinedinst said.

Klinedinst says Orv and Kay have become family.

“Sometimes the good lord puts somebody near you that you can appreciate and these two have been dropped in our lap,” Klinedinst said.

The entire staff looks forward to the 14th of every month. Klinedinst says Orv and Kay are just fun to be around.

“He is so affectionate towards her, he is gentleman-like with her and you can see it,” Klinedinst said. “You can see it from the moment he drives up and drops her off at the front door and then sometimes he will go park way far away … He treats her like a queen.”

Each anniversary becomes more special, the reality is these wonderful little celebrations of love and family may not be around much longer. A recent fall revealed some bad news.

When Orv left this gathering, he headed back to hospice care.

“We both know, and I do, that I’m not going to live forever and a day. But on the other hand, we’ve got all this memory already, memory bank if you will, we have all of this with us,” Orv said.

“Enjoy every moment of life together, because we never know from one minute to the next what we have or what is coming our way,” Kay said.

Orv says faith and knowing Kay will be surrounded by “their” family gives him comfort.

As for Kay…

“I know where he is going, and I know he will be okay,” Kay said.

“Without her, I wouldn’t have a life…simple,” Orv said.

Two people who found each other late in life and are showing the rest of us how to cherish our yesterdays, and live our today’s.

Orv says he considers himself a lucky man.

Some of the folks from Botski’s have gone to visit him at the Good Samaritan Society. They usually take along some of his favorite chicken noodle soup.