Look’s Marketplace expanding in a big way


A specialty meat market that’s been operating in KELOLAND for more than 100 years is expanding in a big way. Look’s Marketplace is now open in the southern part of town near 69th and Minnesota. From fresh meat and cheeses to a bakery and three restaurants, the new place can offer guests a variety of food opportunities.

Step inside the front door of Look’s Marketplace and you’re met with meat. It’s what the business has been known for and it’s front and center in the new space.

“You know a lot of grocery stores put their meat counter at the back of the store so it forces you to walk through it. We know that’s our feature. Sometimes we know that’s all people want. We want it to be convenient for them. But if they do want to walk around and experience more, they can,” Look’s partner Beau Vondra said.

And by more, he means a lot more. Beau Vondra is a Look’s Marketplace partner. The company’s teaser line is that the best meat counter in Sioux Falls is about to become the best at lots of other things, too.

“Look’s started out in 1883 as a specialty butcher shop. We grew it into a specialty foods market at our old location. We had so much talent in the culinary world that we decided to open three restaurants, a bakery, a brewery and an exhibition kitchen on top of the market,” Vondra said.

All of the food service options are now open.

Kurt Ratzlaff lives in the neighborhood. He’s stopping by to do some work over some coffee and a sandwich near the bakehouse.

“Really liked the feel, the ambiance, the vibe,” Ratzlaff said.

Ratzlaff has been a Look’s customer for years. His favorite thing to do is pick up ribs from the market.

“It’s a mini-grocery store with real high-end, unique items that you can’t get anywhere else. That’s neat and appealing to us, so,” Ratzlaff said.

One of the top reasons to come and shop here is the Culture Kitchen’s cheese and charcuterie counter. It’s the first cut to order cheese counter in the state and it features some of the best products from around the world.

The in-house brewery just made it’s eighth beer this week. Right next door, the Live Fire Grill is now open for guests. All of the new features mean more employees.

“We went from about 15 full-time employees to about 75 full-time employees and about 95 employees total. We’ll probably grow another 50 employees in the next calendar year,” Vondra said.

That’s because Vondra says there’s great potential with this location and the people working inside it.

“We haven’t really even scratched the surface of what we’re able to do out of this space the way that it was designed and again, the people that we have. We’ll do some wholesale starting next year especially in our bakery department,” Vondra said.

There are also plans to expand the farmers market that takes place in the parking lot. Moving forward, Look’s hopes to be a new marketplace where people want to hang out and find unique food.

“This part of town seems to really be growing and expanding. So it’s nice to have more options and different types of options,” Ratzlaff said.

“A place for people to be proud of that live here to come show people that come back to visit or visit from out of town. So far we’ve gotten a great response from the public,” Vondra said.

Vondra says down the road the Marketplace will come up with some breakfast options to provide for its guests.

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