SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The summer season has people flocking to downtown Sioux Falls to enjoy all of the walkable entertainment throughout the heart of the city.

But this year, the skyline of uptown has a very different look. While people may not be able to enjoy its benefits yet, the Steel District development atop the falls is already filling with tenants that promise to add an even bigger draw to downtown.

The main office tower of the Steel District development has now fully taken shape, with interior work well underway this summer.

“We actually start moving in September 1st so our office is on floors 6, 5 and 4,” Jake Quasney, Lloyd Companies COO said.

As the project’s developers, Lloyd Companies will also be the first to move into the new building this fall, but other office tenants won’t be far behind.

“Every couple of months a new tenant will. move in here by next summer this thing will be largely full,” Quasney said.

“When the Lloyd family told me about this project 5, 6 years ago, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it,” Doug Muth, Homes Murphy Senior Vice President said.

It’s one reason Holmes Murphy already snagged nearly 10,000 square feet of office space. So many other areas of office space available in the building are also now spoken for–with C & B operations– one of the largest John Deer dealers in the nation–choosing to move its national headquarters to the top two floors of the Steel District tower.

“We’ve got a number of other tenants coming to the building, some have announced, some haven’t. First National of Omaha has announced they’re taking the 2nd floor,” Quasney said.

Right now there are only a few office spaces still available in the upper levels of the Steel District tower, giving a few more companies a chance to take advantage of the beautiful location and the many amenities it has to offer.

“You’ve got the canopy hotel which is super important to us because you’ve got lots of people that come to Sioux Falls,” Muth said. “All of the restaurants, the shops, the coffee shops here, all of those things are really to enhance the opportunities for our employees and our partners that come to Sioux Falls.”

When this project is complete, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful view of Falls Park right from the patio of one of five restaurants coming to the main floor of this project

“The first floor here is actually three restaurants, the one closest to us is the burger dive, it’s being brought to us by a group out of the cities,” Quasney said. “Taco tequila concept, woodfire seafood concept, right up against the water, two-story restaurant, great open windows, really excited for what that’s going to be.”

Then when the Canopy Hotel opens in September of 2024, it will also include a coffee shop and Toscana, a high-end Italian restaurant. On the north side of the development will be the property’s fifth restaurant.

“Neighborhood grill on the wrapped building by the Levit,” Quausney said.

While it may look like a parking garage right now, this part of the Steel District includes the residential and retail part of the development.

“We’ve got apartments on floors 2 through 5, we’ve got condos on the top floor and a few two-story brownstone concepts up against Kiwanis Park looking out towards the river on the first level,” Quasney said.

Those condos and brownstones are available for purchase now; preleasing of the apartments begins next spring with the first residents expected to move in by summer of 2024.

The main floor of the building only has a 1400-square-foot storefront left to lease, the rest of the retail space is already spoken for.

“We do have the spa boutique the restaurant the South Dakota-based apparel store,” Quasney said. “All things Sioux Falls, South Dakota, you want to get your 605 gear that’s where you can get it.”

All options are made easily accessible for everyone in the community to enjoy.

“We’re standing on the elevated boardwalk, a great walking area,” Quasney said. “It’s just going to be such a hub for activity, people are going to be able to come down here, park in the parking garage, go get a drink, go get dinner, in the winter go check out the lights, this becomes really one of the places to be in Sioux Falls.”

While it’s not here yet, these exciting new additions will begin staggered openings over the next year, starting with Lloyd companies moving into its new office space by this September, with the other office, residential and retail tenants moving in through September of next year when the canopy hotel will be officially open to guests.