GARRETSON, S.D. (KELO) — The EROS Data Center in Garretson has a new partner in space, peering down on the earth below.

The Landsat 9 satellite launched into space in September and has sent back its first images of earth to give researchers on the ground a better idea of how factors like climate change are impacting our planet.

“And of course, scientists apply various techniques to determine the where, when and how as to what is changing on the surface of the earth,” Pete Doucette, EROS Acting Director, said.

Landsat 9 will eventually be snapping as many as 700 photos of earth each day. Those pictures are then archived at EROS.

Find out what makes Landsat 9 a new-and-improved version of earlier satellites, in Friday night’s Eye On KELOLAND at 10 p.m.