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MITCHELL, S.D. (KELO) – To cool down on a hot day, one thing you may do is go get some ice cream. But in one KELOLAND town, that ice cream can be delivered directly to you, thanks to one woman who is starting who own ice cream truck business.

It’s a busy afternoon for Amber Erickson. She’s checking on her ice cream inventory before loading it into her minivan.

“Every day I load up the ice cream into coolers,” owner Martha Ann’s Ice Cream, Amber Erickson said.

It’s all part of her new business, Martha Ann’s Ice Cream.

But you won’t find a store front, instead she comes to you. All you have to do is listen for the sound of music making its way down your street.

Erickson says growing up she remembers seeing ice cream trucks in Florida, and now wanted to bring that business model to Mitchell where she now lives.

“My husband started his own business and I knew I wanted to do my own but I just wasn’t sure what kind of market I could get into and coming into this one I noticed that it’s an untouched business,” Erickson said.

Tuesday through Sunday you can find Erickson driving through the streets with her van full of at least 40 different varieties of ice cream.

“Just go with the music and wherever the city takes me more or less so they can message me on Facebook or text or call and as soon as I put that post on Facebook I’m just getting hits left and right and left and right, so it’s pretty exciting,” Erickson said.

But she doesn’t do this all on her own. Her family helps.

Her mom is driving around town looking for anyone to wave her down.

“We used to them here in Mitchell when I was a kid and I remember hearing the sounds and the bells and the music coming and like she said, it’s a memory, and it’s awesome and who doesn’t like ice cream,” Amber’s mom, Shelly Knigge said.

Shelly Knigge isn’t the only helping, you can also find Erickson’s daughters in the back handing out the treats.

“I usually do the window and I do money and hand the ice cream out and ask them what they want,” Amber’s daughter, Addysyn Willin said.

“I’m the oldest of my mom’s kids and usually I go out and help her a lot and I do all three jobs in the car, I get the ice cream from the cooler, give it to them, figure out the money,” Amber’s daughter, Trynidy Willin said.

Not only can you find this business rolling through the streets of Mitchell, but also other surrounding towns.

“Alexandria, Mount Vernon, I haven’t been to Plankinton yet, I’m waiting to hear from the city, and Parkston, but Sioux Falls I’ve been to once already,” Erickson said.

While Erickson and her family are having success, she’s hoping to expand her business.

“I was actually contemplating on getting a little office here in town to kind of set up with larger quantities of inventory because a lot of people have asked about buying ice cream by the box, and day cares, and birthday parties, and graduation parties, and I’m already getting calls for next year and they want me to come by,” Erickson said.

As for now, she’s looking forward to delivering ice cream and bringing smiles to people’s faces.

“Seeing the kids come up to the ice cream and seeing their jaws drop to the ground, because they hear the music, but once the van actually drives up and they see pictures of what’s actually inside of the vehicle, they’re just like yes, who doesn’t love ice cream,” Erickson said.

Erickson named her business after her husband’s mom who died. To find out when and where Erickson will be, click here.

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