SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — We’ve all heard the phrase, go big or go home.

Some students in Sioux Falls took that phrase to heart with their class project this past year.

“It’s an open floor plan,” CTE instructor Nick Opdahl said.

CTE instructor Nick Opdahl is proud of this custom-built home. He should be because his students are the ones who built it from start to finish.

“We start from the ground up, some of these kids have never swung a hammer, they come here and have never run a saw before, it’s just so fun to watch them and see them go through the whole process,” Opdahl said.

A couple of students who had a hand in building the home are proud of it too.

“It’s amazing,” CTE senior Maddie Schliemann said.

When they first learned they were building a custom home, Maddie Schliemann got excited.

“To look back and say we did that, that’s pretty awesome,” Schliemann said.

Schliemann helped pick out a lot of the colors, flooring, and lights.

“I plan on being an interior designer that’s really what I’ve always wanted to be,” Schliemann said.

Senior Ashton Helseth did a little of everything.

“I worked on finished work, like trim and put up doors, I didn’t really work on cabinets,” Helseth said.

His favorite part of the house is this area here.

“Basically it’s the kitchen due to the fact it’s custom-built and it’s just big,” Helseth said.

It is big with an island, all the appliances, including fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave.

The house, which is a two-bedroom, also comes with two bathrooms.

“We did tile work this year and I’ve never gotten my hands on that before and I thought that was pretty cool,” Schliemann said.

“The cabinets all have the soft close drawers on them,” Opdahl said.

Opdahl gave KELOLAND News a quick tour of the custom-built home.

“So this is kind of your mud room the future garage will be built right off the side here of the kitchen,” Opdahl said.

This house which is 1600 square feet also has some unique features like here inside the master bedroom where there is rope lighting on the ceiling.

Speaking of the ceiling, the students also added this unique feature to the bedroom.

“That’s all done out of drywall mud and each student got to put one of those stamps in and it’s kind of a Victorian sort of look, kind of that metal tin ceiling look,” Opdahl said.

The house also has a couple of shadow boxes, a stone fireplace, and more.

“All the features that are in this home, I just wanted to see the reaction of the kids how they would take a little bit of stonework and some tile work, they put this flooring in they did it all,” Opdahl said.

The house is complete and will go up for auction later this month.

“This is my fourth year of teaching here each year we’ve done different homes throughout the year, but this is the first time we are going to auction this home off,” Opdahl said.

They only have one wish for this house.

“It goes to a good family that fits their needs, it’s a pretty decent sized house that we built,” Schliemann said.

“This home is for a family, these kids will drive by it and say hey I had a part in building that house it’s very rewarding,” Opdahl said.

Rewards that have built a foundation for the students who had a hand in building this home.

“Whether you go on and do this as a career, but you’re going to be a homeowner someday, so you’re going to take these things that you’ve learned here and you’re going to have them forever,” Opdahl said.

The date to auction off the house is June 22nd. We’ve posted more information and how to bid online, click here.