SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Imagine not having a bed to sleep in after a long day at work or a dining room table to enjoy a meal around with your family. A local organization is making sure people have a furnished house to come home to each night.

From couches, to mattresses, to lamps, you can find just about any piece of furniture a person would need to make a house a home.

The Furniture Mission is an organization that helps families furnish their homes with gently used furniture and household items.

“We are giving them some dignity and pride and some grace when they are coming through and then those items can last them until they can save up and purchase something on their own,” executive director of Funiture Mission South Dakota, Janean Michalov said.

The organization has been making an impact in the Sioux Falls area for almost 20 years.

“Our founder started the Furniture Mission in 2003 and she was a funeral home chaplain and had people coming to her with loved ones who had passed away and their entire estate and not knowing what to do with it,” Michalov said. “She had a family in need at her church and kind of got a hankering if you will, to start a non-profit and the Furniture Mission was born shortly after that.”

Over 34,000 families have been helped since then.

Janean Michalov started as a volunteer coordinator with the organization almost ten years ago, before taking her current role as executive director about 4 years ago.

She says the need for what they do isn’t slowing down.

“It’s growing exponentially, especially as Sioux Falls grows, poverty levels continue to rise in our area and we know that there’s going to be a continuation of services, it’s never going to go away, there’s always going to be a need,” Michalov said.

On average, the Furniture Mission helps 140 households each month.

“I’d say over the last 5 years, we’ve seen that number increase from about 90-100 families a month, to what we are today at 140 families a month,” Michalov said.

When a family or person comes in for their furniture, everything is set up into pods, giving it a similar sense of shopping at a store.

“They get to choose their entire living room set, kitchen table, coffee table, lamps, and then all the decor that goes with it, they can visualize what that is going to look like in their new space,” Michalov said. “Making sure that they feel welcomed, they feel excited and they have dignity and pride in what is happening for them, so creating those pods helps make that happen.”

Volunteers play a big role in making sure clients are getting everything they need, from setting up appointments to the delivery of the items.

Laurie Long has been volunteering for 14 years.

“I basically answer the phone, talk to people about donations they want to make, I call potential clients to help them give us a list of items that they need for their homes and set up their appointments to come in and get their furniture, or set up delivery,” volunteer, Laurie Long said.

She agrees that the need has continued to grow.

“I don’t think the need has ever decreased, it’s just an ongoing situation, people are in dire straights sometimes, and to get a bed, sofa, table, chairs, means the world sometimes,” Long said.

Not only filling people’s homes with furniture, but also their hearts with hope.

“It’s about building the people up in our community and making sure people are sleeping comfortably in a bed, it makes them more successful at work the next day, kids they’re having family style dining at a dining table, it helps them be more successful in their school day,” Michalov said. “It’s overwhelming to think about how many lives have been touched by the Furniture Mission.”

The organization recently received a $1 million donation from the Seeds for Success Foundation. It will allow the non-profit to move to the Empower Campus in Sioux Falls and expand its woodworking shop. Michalov hopes to use the space to provide mentorship to those they’ve impacted.

If you need assistance or would like to volunteer, you can find information here.