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MOUNT VERNON, S.D. (KELO) — A lot of may know the name Weston Frank, a local country music singer who performs all over South Dakota.

But it’s Frank’s 6-year old son, who is really making some noise.

Six year old Jed Frank of Mt. Vernon loves bikes and had been saving money to buy a new dirt bike.

But recently he’s been peddling for another purpose.

“We raised another thousand dollars,” Jed said.

Jed had been saving his allowance in a piggy bank and when he took money out, he decided to donate $40 of it to charity to help feed the hungry.

“I was outside working in the garage and had come in my wife, Jill, had told me about it and I thought to my self whoa $40 bucks 205, sorry yeah $205, that’s a pretty good chunk of change,” Jed’s father Weston Frank said.

Weston decided to match the $40 himself and then did something that changed everything.

“I just thought wow that’s huge, I don’t know where that came from, because I don’t spend a lot of time reminding my kid to do that, so I thought we’d post it on Facebook and said ‘hey Jed is giving this much money does anybody want to match it,’ Weston said.

At first they thought they might get a couple hundred dollars, boy were they wrong.
Letter after letter came in the mail.

Don: Where were you getting the mail from?
Weston: Oh man, I think the furthest we’ve seen so far, somewhere down by Kansas City, Wisconsin, Colorado all kinds of places.

To Jed, it just made sense to donate some of the money to charity; especially this time of year.

“I just decided people who need help they would really want some help from people who can help them,” Jed said. “Because I thought people who are in need of food to celebrate the holidays.”

They even made a couple of videos about their fundraising efforts and posted them on Facebook.

Of course that fueled the fundraising effort even more.

“I’m asking for your help to please share this again to keep raising money for people in need,” Jed said.

“For the most part, people are just matching the $40 check, we’ve seen a few that are little and that’s okay that’s great, the big surprise we get checks that are $100-$200 frequently, too it’s crazy, we didn’t expect that,” Weston said.

So far, they’ve raised well over $9,000.

“Originally we didn’t think we were going to raise this much money, so we feel like we need to find multiple places to help out I think there’s an opportunity here to help with some food, help with some gifts help with several different things I think we can find plenty of opportunities to make sure people are taken care of.

Jed still plans to buy his dirt bike.

But his message is this, sometimes it’s not about how much money you save, but rather how much you spend…..on others……that’s what pays off.

“I can’t believe how many families we are going to be able to help,” Jed said.

Weston says once they reach $10,000, they’ll be reaching out to several agencies in the area to make sure people have food and gifts for the holidays

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