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MITCHELL, S.D. (KELO) — An aunt and her niece have taken over a building in Mitchell, South Dakota. In tonight’s Eye on KELOLAND we take a look at what these two new business owners have to offer.

2nd & Lawler Company is preparing to open its doors within the next week in Mitchell, South Dakota.

“I think it’s of all ages and they can buy Christmas gifts and birthday presents and gift cards for yogurt or something for any age. I don’t think it’s just kids,” Owner of 2nd & Lawler Company, Christie Gunkel, said.

The owners restored the southeast portion of the shop.

“The window that actually is up there still is the original window from back when,” Christie Gunkel said.

But the window isn’t the only thing from the olden days. This candy and toy store is taking you back to the mid 1900s.

“I tried to do old fashioned candy so the slow pokes and the wax. Those kind of candy that I had when I was a kid, I mean it brings me back to the day, so we have tons of candy,” Christie Gunkel said.

2nd & Lawler Company has freshly made treats as well.

“We have seating so anybody can come in and enjoy the frozen yogurt, popcorn and ice cream and let the kids shop around. We also have an awesome store next door that the kids can go over there and play after they enjoy some ice cream or yogurt,” Christie Gunkel said.

The owner of the store next door, just happens to be Gunkel’s niece.

“I was talking to my sister one day and she said well, Brittney wants to open something, so I went to lunch with Britt and we decided this would be great for her to be next door to us,” Christie Gunkel said.

Brittney Pohlen just opened a children’s play center called Blossom.

“It’s a yes space it’s not a no space. They can pretty much play with anything in here. Everything should be safe just depending on if it’s developmentally appropriate is the only thing,” Owner of Blossom, Brittney Pohlen, said.

Pohlen uses the Montessori method for Blossom.

“Most of the activities are open ended for children to use as they wish. If they want a magnifying glass to be a magnifying glass or if they want it to be a spotlight they can use their imagination for whatever they want it to be so everything in here can be used as the children wish. Which is the whole concept of the child leading themselves instead of it being teacher led,” Brittney Pohlen said.

Which is why she also has a sensory room.

“They work with a lot of different textures and water scooping activities. It’s a lot of simple open-ended play so children can use the tools as the wish, but it’s setup in such a way where they can figure out what they need to do in the situation without being able to be taught by someone,” Brittney Pohlen said.

Blossom also includes a parent lounge.

“Parents can interact with parents and see what they have in common with each other or what stage of parenthood they’re in; whether their children are younger or older or they have a variety,” Brittney Pohlen said.

And Pohlen wants the parents to learn as much as the kids do too.

“I want to educate parents as much as I want to educate children, so I want to help parents figure out how to deal with their child in certain situations and I also want them to be aware that 85-percent of brain development happens by age 3. Most of that brain development happens through play and so that’s a huge reason of why I wanted to open up a play center,” Brittney Pohlen said.

Whether your child wants a treat, new toy, or to play with some new friends, this pair plans to have you covered.Gunkel says she will have the exact date of the grand opening on 2nd and Lawler Company’s facebook page which we’ve included a link to at KELOLAND dot com.

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