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YANKTON, S.D. (KELO) – The clothes you wear can help show your personality. Thrift stores are places filled with fabulous finds from different decades and for some people, they’re able to find a unique piece of clothing to add to their wardrobe.

At first glance it may look like any other clothing store, but take a closer look and among these racks of clothes you’ll find that each piece of clothing is unique.

“I have a very eclectic variety of clothes, so I have what’s trending now, name brand clothes, but then I also have a lot of vintage pieces, multiple racks of those,” owner of Digs, Hannah Nooney said.

Hannah Nooney is the owner of Digs. What started out as just a popup shop about 2 years ago, is now a storefront in the middle of downtown Yankton.

You’ll find that this isn’t your typical thrift store.

“If I think I can sell it, then I will buy it and then resell it,” Nooney said.

While Nooney allows people to bring in gently used clothes for her to buy and resell, she also does a lot of her own shopping to find the perfect pieces for her store.

“When I go out and thrift, the first sections that I definitely gravitate towards are the men’s t-shirts, just because you find a lot of cool, old, vintage shirts, and that way they’re not fitted, so when I do crop them or do my thing, the sewing and the distressing, it’s much easier to find those in the men’s section,” Nooney said.

Nooney says 80s and 90s trends seem to be popular among some customers.

But she has items from all decades, including a dress she says is from the 1960s.

“There’s no tag, so you know that this is actually homemade, I’m guessing either a mom or a daughter made this and somehow it found its way to Goodwill, a lot of times people would see this and pass on it, but I definitely had to have it,” Nooney said.

And finding a piece like this takes a lot more time and effort than you may think.

“I definitely have my phone on me at all times, Googling brands and making sure that I’m buying the right thing, I have come back to the store thinking I have bought something vintage and although it is old, it was a fake, research is a big thing in thrifting if you want the right item,” Nooney said.

Taking the time to find that right item is something shoppers, like Megan Gayer, also enjoy about thrifting.

“I think of it as like a treasure hunt, you maybe spend 45 minutes at a store and you only find one thing, but that one thing could be the coolest thing in your closet,” enjoys shopping at thrift stores, Megan Gayer said.

And Gayer has years of experience under her belt.

“I actually grew up going to the thrift store, because my family, that’s just where we shopped for clothes, so I’ve always gone to the thrift store,” Gayer said.

In her closet you’ll find anything from chunky sweaters to bright blazers.

“I buy a lot of guys jeans, you’ll actually find a lot of guys jeans that are Levi’s and if I need to I just cut the bottoms off or cut them into shorts for the summer time,” Gayer said.

The way of shopping is becoming just as trendy as the clothing itself.

“I think it’s a sustainable way of shopping, I also think taking your stuff to the thrift store is good, I think it’s become a lot more trendy,” Gayer said.

And that could mean a bright future for Nooney’s shop – a future of showcasing trends from decades past.

“It’s not all about the brand, it’s more about the fact that this has stayed in perfect condition for this long and it’s almost like a piece of history,” Nooney said.

Nooney says she will soon be moving to a different location in downtown Yankton that has more space. She also reworks some of the clothing she finds, either by cropping or distressing the pieces, which she has also found to be popular among her customers.

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