Eye on KELOLAND: Paranormal Adventures at the Adams House


The Adams House is said to be one of Deadwood’s most haunted sights. That’s why Deadwood History Inc. and Black Hills Paranormal Investigations are welcoming visitors into the house to see for themselves.

People from all over, including Dani Church and Nikki Foster, come to learn about the history of the Adams House and the people who lived in it.

“Yeah I’ve always been a believer, always watching the ghost shows. Any chance that we can go to something like this, we try and definitely get to it,” Foster said.

The Adams House was built in 1892. W. E. Adams bought it for his family around 1920.

Five years later, Adams lost his first wife, their daughter and granddaughter all within 48 hours.
Because of the tragedy, some people say to this day Mr. Adams will sometimes sit in his library and grieve his loss.

“It’s kind of weird. It’s a very historic location for one. And we know the history of the family that did live here and I guess the people that did live here really enjoyed living there. So we are thinking the things that do happen there might be from the previous inhabitants and they enjoyed it so much that they decided to stay around,” Maurice Miller, Lead Investigator for BHPI, said.

Maurice Miller and his Black Hills Paranormal Investigations, or BHPI, team say they use different kinds of technology to interact with Adams and his family, and also detect paranormal activity.

“This is a melameter and what this is a multipurpose tool it has EMF’s, ambient temperature and it also has a proximity meter on it so if something gets close to it, it’ll alarm so you know if you’re standing there by yourself and it goes off, you kind of have to scratch your head, why did it do that,” Miller said.

As well as digital audio recorders, laser grids, periscopes and more.

Dani Jo Butler is a Psychic Medium in the Black Hills. She says she is often able to tell if there is a spirit in her presence.

“Although I don’t use the electronic equipment, I use my own senses to pick up activity and things that are around,” Butler said.

Butler says she can sense the energy around her. She says sometimes spirits can even do physical things like touch someone or move objects.

“As we go through the home looking for activity. We are trying to interact with the members that lived here and would’ve resided here and so that does bring their energy in,” Butler said.

BHPI brings these visitors into several sections of the Adams house to connect with spirits. People can participate hands-on by using the paranormal detecting technology themselves.

Miller says if you talk to the spirits and interact with them, you are more likely to get some sort of response.

“Sometimes the library has all kinds of activity going on and sometimes it doesn’t. Conversely, it might be in the parlor or it might be upstairs in one of the bedrooms, we don’t know until we start investigating,” Miller said.

Church and Foster have come every year for the last four years. They experience something different every visit.

“Several of us saw shadows but when the picture frame of Mrs. Adams fell down very hard right behind me and scared me that was definitely the thing,” Church said.

“We had spikes on one of the devices for, I mean there was nothing to explain it, I moved it around and it was gone,” Foster said.

The two are glad they got to participate in this year’s paranormal investigation despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were wearing masks for the first year so it was kind of weird for us being the first year but it didn’t make it seem uncomfortable or weird or anything like that,” Foster said.

They say they will keep coming back to investigate the Adams House with the Black Hills Paranormal Investigators and they recommend others try it out.

The last few Paranormal Investigations will be this weekend. Tickets are $35 and you must be at least 12 years old to participate. Masks are required.

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