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It’s only aired twice, but a lot of you are already talking about the new television show, KELOLAND On The Road.

It’s a half hour program hosted by former Sioux Falls mayor Mike Huether who travels the countryside meeting people with interesting stories that don’t usually make the headlines.  

It’s early morning, just outside the KELOLAND studios and Mike Huether pulls up in his sponsored vehicle to load up, television gear that he’s suddenly now becoming familiar with, as he and his cameraman get ready to hit the road.

Huether, a one time businessman turned politician and now reporter, admits he’s more of a storyteller than a journalist. 

“It’s a lot more work than I ever expected; for anybody watching this program if you think what you’re seeing on the 6 o’clock news or the 10 o’clock news on TV is simple and easy, it is not, it is a ton of work,” Huether said. 

Huether is not employed by KELO, but he and KELO reached an agreement for him to host KELOLAND ‘On The Road.’ 

“I just thought there was a hunger for positive, inspirational, motivating stories and thank goodness the good folks at KELOLAND are willing to bring that to light,” Huether said.

On this particular day, Huether and his cameraman, are on their way to Chester for a heartwarming story you’ll see in one of their upcoming shows.  

Huether says no matter what town they’re in, there’s one word he keeps hearing over and over from people he interviews for the monthly show and that’s the word thankful. 

“These towns, these people, they are so thankful that we are coming into their town,” Huether said. 

Huether says the stories he finds are the ones you won’t see in the headlines. 

“That is the whole premise of the show and I think some people are confused by it, because they’ll go Mike or Mayor Mike, hey we got to talk about this story and I’ll say, ‘that’s already been told or yeah people already know about that one,’ Huether said.

They’re stories off the beaten path. 

“I’m looking for those hidden inspirational stories that’ll just motivate you and inspire you, maybe make you laugh one minute and cry the next, but they are hidden,” Huether said. 

While Huether is the man in front of the camera, KELOLAND photographer Taylor Yocum is the man behind the camera. 

Yocum shoots every story for ‘On The Road’ and edits every episode by himself. 

“One of the things, I feel, I like the most is seeing the countryside and new towns I’ve never heard of,” Yocum said. 

Yocum has an eye for capturing what’s important for the story in those small towns. 

He says he and Huether make a pretty good team. 

“He’s able to talk to people very very easily, which definitely helps in his journalistic aspect in drawing and capturing these stories is definitely very helpful,” Yocum said. 

Yocum says it’s funny watching Huether interact with people, some who still call him Mayor Mike.  

“He gets approached a lot by people and will be walking or driving to our next story when someone will honk or wave and flag him down it’s quite an experience I would say,” Yocum said. 

“I thrive on people, I always have; my dad did, my mom does and I do too, I just love being around the people,” Huether said. 

People, who are willing to open up and tell a story you probably never heard, and that’s why they’re on the road to find the next one. 

You can watch KELOLAND On the Road once a month at 6:30 p.m. on KELOLAND TV.  The next episode airs later this month May 28.   If you have an inspirational or motivational story and would like to share it with the On The Road crew, click here.

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