Eye on KELOLAND: O So Good


There are many amazing restaurants around KELOLAND and many with amazing stories including O So Good in Garretson, South Dakota

In Sunday night’s Eye on KELOLAND, find out why this restaurant does more than just serve a good meal.

Chef Omar Thornton is known around the community.

“We are so fortunate to have the culinary delights of O So Good in the small town of Garretson that I frequent here often,” customer, Kris Frerk, said.

O So Good specializes in seafood and comfort food with a southern flair.

“The herbs and the freshness and the variety is just wonderful,” Frerk said.

The atmosphere also adds to the uniqueness of this restaurant.

“We have stage lights and we literally light it up. We want folks to know not only are we going to give a great dinner, we’re going to give you some great food, but we’re going to give you a great atmosphere of some local talent that comes through,” O So Good Owner, Omar Thornton, said.

But it’s not just food and entertainment bringing people to his restaurant.

“He likes to help out those that are in need of food, so at the end of the day if he’s got leftovers or it might even be a special meal, he boxes up meals and delivers to people,” Frerk said.

“Whenever we have some leftovers, whenever we have an abundance of something, whenever we have a gift, because sometimes food will be donated to us because of what I do, my thing is I’m going to give back,” Thornton, said.

Thornton says if you have a gift it needs to be shared.

“You have a gift that’s given to you and you’re not using it in anyway to help the community or help your fellow man then that gift is not worth you having,” Thornton said.

Thornton hopes to use his culinary gift to bring people together.

“We can have a place where lets have a meal, sit back and understand you’re human, I’m human and we’re on this small world because we compare it to space out there it’s a small tiny little world and we have to find ways of working together, and maybe we can find ways in doing that with some great food,” Omar Thornton said.

Because he believes everyone deserves a second chance.

“I was facing at one point in my life, losing my family, losing my freedom and rightly so, and I had an opportunity of getting all that back and I said to myself I wasn’t going to blow it, but I knew that the first thing I had to take care of was myself and that was my addiction,” Thornton said.

So not only does Thornton deliver meals to people he offers them work too. If one of his staff is sick or needs to be out of town…

“That leaves opportunities for holes to be filled as far as positions are at least at night and so sometimes from a dishwasher to a host, when I do catering jobs, somebody to actually come and help me with a catering job, I offer it to the community,” Thornton said.

Because if he shares his gift he hopes other people will share their’s too.

“Other people are going to realize wait a minute if he’s doing it, if he’s helping, if he’s literally trying to do as much as he can do, what can I do,” Thornton said.

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