TABOR, S.D. (KELO)– One mural in Tabor is sharing the history of the town through spray painted art.

Celebrating 150 years is a big accomplishment for any small town, and for the residents of Tabor, they wanted to honor that milestone in a special way. They decided to take this time to spruce up the side of one of the town’s oldest buildings, the library.

“We’ve had a very positive review of the mural, you know, everyone has commented very favorably on it. It is a new attraction to the town,” said Mark Povonadra, treasurer of the tabor development corporation.

They commissioned local tattoo artist Robbie Jelsma to create the mural.

“I know Tabor, I grew up around here, I went to school in Bon Homme, so I kind of knew the history of the town so it’s a matter of sitting down and thinking really, and then I did some research on the Czech Republic and things like that and the history of the town, old town mascots and things like that and just kind of threw things together on photoshop,” said Robbie Jelsma, artist.

He was excited to share his love of art with the community.

“It’s cool to do art for anybody, but when it’s a piece of artwork for a group of people, especially a whole town, that’s a little more special to me, you know, it reaches more people, it inspires more people, brighten things up around the town, and small towns you don’t see these things as often in the Midwest, I’ve lived other places around the country and you see it often so it’s cool to do it in the Midwest, in South Dakota,” said Jelsma.

This mural took around a month to complete.

“They’re all mostly spray paint, probably 95 percent spray paint. So it’s a matter of I prepped the wall first so the wall needed a facelift first and then it was mapping out a grid on the wall and I just do everything freehand so its just back and forth with spray paint until it looks how I’d like it to look,” said Jelsma.

An attraction drawing people to this small town.

“I’ve had people comment, you know, people I run into in Yankton or surrounding areas that say they have driven through Tabor just because they have wanted to see that mural. So maybe they’ll stop, you know, maybe get a bite to eat of even you know, fill up their tank of gas, you know, whatever the case may be,” said Povonadra.

Jelsma hopes this mural will inspire those who see it.

“The youth is what I think of the most I guess with art because when I was a little kid I thought when I could see people that could do thing like this I thought it was the coolest thing ever you know. I had several kids from the school stop up while I was painting,” said Jelsma. “To see them, their eyes light up, that’s the coolest part to me. And the older generation they know the old history of the town too so their eyes light up just the same.”

A sight that is impossible to miss as you drive through the town.

The town of Tabor will be honoring its 150th anniversary with a celebration this April.