Eye on KELOLAND: Doggie daycares


A lot of people say their pets are just like family. 

As you’re about to see in tonight’s Eye On Keloland doggie daycares are the latest trend for pampering your pooch. 

It’s mid-afternoon and Brenda Schut is picking up her miniature wiener dog, Elmer, at Dog Days; a daycare for dogs. 

Schut says dropping Elmer off here is about convenience.

“I live on the east side of town and I work on the west side of town, so I can’t let my dog be in a kennel all day for 8 hours all by himself, because I don’t have time to run home and let him out to make sure he gets to go potty and those types of things, so I don’t have to worry about any of that when he’s here,” Schut said. 

The staff at Dog Days watches anywhere from 50-70 dogs a day, including Lori Skinner’s labradoodle, Wrigley.

Here, Wrigley gets to run and play in the more than 20,000 square foot building with both indoor and outdoor parks.

“He’s a big dog, he’s over 70 pounds, so he needs that exercise and to get him enough walks when it’s bitter cold out it’s hard, he doesn’t just like to walk around the house,” Skinner said. 

Victoria Schroeder and her two sisters decided to open up the doggie daycare a little over five years ago.

“Just something we always talked about, something we talked about doing our entire lives, finally decided we were sick of corporate world so we’re going to do our own thing  and open a nice safe place for dogs to run and play,” Schroeder said. 

The doggie daycare is a lot like a child’s daycare with scheduled playtimes, places to take naps and even security cameras. 

“Anytime a dog is out of their kennel they are always supervised, so we have them with at least one staff every time they’re out of their kennels for play time, but we can’t have our eyes on everything all the time so it’s nice to have that extra back up,” Schroeder said. 

While the dog owners say they like the convenience of it, they also see other added benefits of dropping their dogs off.

“He’s very social when he’s here and I think that makes him better when he’s out on a walk, he’s excited to see other dogs he’s not pulling at the leash and barking at someone walking across the street, he is well behaved around other dogs and I think it’s because of the interaction he gets here every day,” Schut said. 

“I work a lot of hours, so I can bring him here he can play all day while I’m working and when we get home he’s all played out so it works out great,” Dustin Krell said. 

“The purpose of daycare is to let your dog come in and run around and play throughout the day so by the end of the day a tired dog is a good dog a well behaved dog, so at the end of the day you got a tired dog,” Schroeder said. 

Dog Days also has overnight boardings where the dogs can stay in suites or private kennels.  They even have a full-time groomer. 

The dog owners say their pets like the staff here and the staff enjoy the dogs and it shows. 

“I took him for a drive the other day and we didn’t head in this direction and I think he thought he was going to the vet he cried the whole time, because we weren’t on the right path,” Schut said.  

“He just seems to know that it’s time to go, because he’s always back by the back door ready to go waiting to get into the car and go to Dog Days,” Skinner said.  

“He knows, when we pull up and his heads out the window and you open the door he comes flying in knows where to go,” Krell said. 

Other doggie daycares in the area include, Precious Pets, Paws Pet Resort and The Resort SDK.  

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