SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — A 9-year-old Sioux Falls boy is turning his dyslexia into a super power! Endeavor Elementary 3rd grader Colt Davidson is the main character of a new book, written by his mother, that spells out the rewards of overcoming the challenges presented by dyslexia, a condition where the brain scrambles letters in words.

The book’s cover shows a young superhero soaring to new heights.

“Me flying in the sky, yeah, I kind of wish I could fly, it would be fun,” 9-year-old Colt Davidson said.

The high-flying Colt the Courageous, has embarked on a lofty mission.

“Help people that don’t know what dyslexia is and help people that get diagnosed with dyslexia and they know what to do,” Colt said.

9-year-old Colt Davidson enjoys being read to by his mom. But it’s a different story when he pages through a book, himself.

“When Colt was in kindergarten, he was struggling with reading and so we kind of started investigating a few things and I was thinking, well, maybe he’s dyslexic,” Colt’s mom Courtney Davidson said.

Colt was diagnosed with dyslexia as a first-grader.

“Sometimes the letters get mixed-up for me. Or, sometimes I lose where I’m reading. If I get done with a line, if the book has a lot of paragraphs in it, I sometimes have to count down the lines to see where I am,” Colt said.

Colt has been getting extra help with his reading during, and after school. His mom decided to write about his struggle with dyslexia, out of necessity.

“It was at that point that I thought, okay, if dyslexia impacts one-in-five, there are other parents out there like me that may need a resource and so I just said, well, I’m going to write about Colt’s journey,” Courtney Davidson said.

Davidson’s writing project became the book, Colt the Courageous. And in a plot twist, Davidson characterizes Colt’s dyslexia, not as an obstacle, but a super power.

“It is his super power and I think he’s going to do amazing, amazing things as he grows and we’ve already seen it in the last couple of years,” Davidson said.

“We took tutoring, special reading classes and they’ve taught me how to read, I’ve actually gone up seven reading levels this year,” Colt said.

As Colt levels-up in his reading skills, his mom hopes the book can dispel misconceptions about dyslexia.

“People wonder, well, will he outgrow it? And he will never outgrow it. He will always be dyslexic. But we’re teaching him the tools, not we, his tutors, his interventionists and we’re trying to supplement them at home,” Davidson said.

The book is written in a special font that’s supposed to be easier to read for kids with dyslexia.

“This font is intended to, has characteristics to make the letter reversals harder, and the letters are a little more spread out, to make it easier to read,” Davidson said.

The book also stresses that students need to be accepting of a classmate with dyslexia since everyone learns differently. And Colt’s progress in boosting his reading ability is a true act of courage.

“I’m working hard every day, and I’m going to do great things in my life. I’m proud to be dyslexic!”

Colt the Courageous is illustrated by Sioux Falls artist Hector Curriel.

A book launch party will take place this Saturday afternoon in downtown Sioux Falls that will include a reading of the book. If you’d like to attend, or, if you’d like to pre-order a book, we have a link to the Colt the Courageous website