SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – For students at the University of Sioux Falls, creating a presentation or even joining a zoom meeting, just got easier. Thanks to new technology recently installed on campus, students now have a way to create professional videos for class.

It’s as easy as pushing a button… and you’re able to start recording your own speech or presentation.

It’s all thanks to this One Button Studio.

“I applied for the grants to get the technology to make these studios,” director of library services, Annie Sternburg said. “Which are super easy to use and you don’t have to be a media student in order to make successful videos.”

Two rooms in the university’s library were transformed into these studios.

“One was a copy room, and this one used to be an office, and so the company, One Button Studio, comes in and puts in almost everything, they come in, they do all the wiring, it’s professional grade lights, camera, and microphones,” Sternburg said.

Freshmen Jarome Jackson and Tristan Hoppe have both used the new additions.

“I was in a fundamentals communication class, I came here for about a two minute speech, I messed up a few times, kept saying ‘um,’ stuff like that, but if I messed up I’d just click the button and cut it up,” student Tristan Hoppe said.

To start creating your recording, you insert a USB drive into the system. Then you hit the record button on the floor.

“You hit the button and a background pops up and the lights pop up and all you really do is talk into it, you hit the button and stop it, and do it again so you can cut scenes out like in movies, it’s actually really cool,” student Jarome Jackson said.

You can take this plain background and put yourself anywhere, like in a classroom.

“It takes away the pressure of presenting live because you can mess up in here, you can cut that out, and you can just redo that scene and you can break it up, it makes it really organized and easy to do, takes a lot of pressure off the live presentation,” Jackson said.

Since installing the studios back in September, Sternburg says they’ve been popular.

“Last semester I had 140 students use them, this interim I have about 45 and in the spring I know of one class for sure of 70 that’s going to use them, but I think it will be more classes than that,” Sternburg said.

And you don’t have to be a student to use it.

“It’s actually available for students, faculty, and staff, so for example, if you have an online class and you’re the instructor, you can come in here and record maybe an introduction to the class,” Sternburg said.

Technology these students say are not only benefiting them in class, but even other parts of their academic careers.

“Scholarships even, if you have to make a video for that, it’s super easy to reserve,” Hoppe said.

“I think I could use this to send videos out to people for a job someday, online classes, and then I’m taking a public speaking class next semester so I could definitely use this,” Jackson said.

Sternburg says these studios are also zoom enabled, so you can even join a zoom meeting live.