Eye on KELOLAND: A taste of magic


From your local doughnut shop to out on the streets, you never know what kind of people you’ll run into across KELOLAND.

But when you meet someone special, the experience can be truly magical.

When you visit Flyboy Donuts over on East 10th Street, you may notice something in the air. It’s not the smell of the fresh donuts that fill the display case, what you’re feeling is the magic of Travis Nye.

Nye’s love for the craft started when he was young.

“I got that magic kit and it, kind of, just stuck with me. I kept practicing it and then I remembered the first time a magician came to my school and I actually got to be that person on stage helping him out and feeling that excitement, that stuck with me forever,” Nye said.

At 14 years old, he began to learn the tricks of the trade. The road wasn’t always a smooth ride.

“Any time that you take on something like that, you’re going to get a lot of people questioning what you do or saying ‘they’ve seen it,’ they figured out how I did the trick and, you know, that’s part of the process for any artist is finding the ups and downs and being able to take the criticism to better your performance ” Nye said.

Drawing influence from the great Harry Houdini, Nye looks to bend the idea of reality.

“Houdini was known for the different stunts that he’d done and while it wasn’t actually magic and some of it was real the fire eating, walking on glass and eating light bulbs and stuff like that is all real stuff that I do. You can’t fake that,” Nye said

As a manager, Nye works full-time at Flyboy. But being a magician is a job that never requires him to clock out.

“That’s the thing I like about it. Unlike a musician, I don’t need to carry around an instrument with me. I can do magic with just about anything and that’s the most versatile tool I have,” Nye said

A skill that makes him a magical presence both behind and in front of the counter,

…And that’s not all.

“The street magic is really fun because its place for me to try out new material,” Nye said.

And gain some new fans.

“Travis ran into me. I was at the Sculpture Walk in downtown Sioux Falls and he said, “Hey I’m having a magic show if you ladies want to come,’ I was with my mom and I said, ‘I love magic. I’ve always loved magic,” since I was little and I’ve never really grown up and I said yes I’m going to be there,” Regan Duvall said.

Regan Duvall has seen several of Nye’s shows at R-Wine in Downtown Sioux Falls,

But when it comes to trying to figure out his illusions, she still can’t help but get lost in the shuffle.

“Every time that I come, I always sit closer than I did last time, hoping that I can figure something out… and I never do,” Regan Duvall

Something most of the crowd can relate to.

Max Hofer: Is there always one trick that he stumps you with, that you can’t just figure out?

“All of his tricks. No, I can’t figure out any of his tricks. All of his tricks are good every time. My mind… blown,” Terry Liggins said.

“I think everybody walks into a magic show thinking like, ‘Cool. I’m going to try and figure out how he’s doing it, but Travis always delivers on stumping everybody and we’re like, ‘that’s not possible. You shouldn’t be able to do that,” Joshua Novak said.

“The trick that I got to help out with,  I was so convinced that I would somehow know what he was doing or be able to see what the answer was but… I never – I never do. I never figure out how it’s done,” Duvall said.

Out of all the tricks he’s ever done, his favorite is making a smile appear on someone’s face.

“You don’t just get a magic show, you kind of get a comedy show too because he’s really funny. He’s really genuine and you don’t feel like some big show, you feel like you’re just having a conversation with a funny person then all at once they do a magic trick,” Duvall said.

Sometimes it’s behind the counter… other times on the stage. 

If you’d like to check out the Magic of Travis Nye for yourself, the cards are in your favor, because he has a show Monday night at R-Wine in Downtown Sioux Falls.  

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