SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Downtown Sioux Falls is going to look a lot different in two years.

There are several major multi-million dollar projects in the works.

The city is going to be doing some of its own work to accommodate that growth.

From Cherapa Two to the Steel District there’s a lot of construction currently underway in downtown Sioux Falls.

“You think about what was there before that very industrial look; the Sioux Steel and all the work that’s been leading up to this moment,” director of Planning and Development Services Jeff Eckhoff said.

Here are some renderings of what those two projects will look like when complete.

There will be an additional 340 residential units, 200 hotel rooms, 80 thousand square feet of retail space, 60 thousand of convention space and 200 thousand square feet of office space.

“The skyline is going to change with the height of the buildings, the density the type of development the quality of development and experience of the people for downtown is just going to be knocked out of the park with the new additions to what we are seeing,” Eckhoff said.

The city’s Parks Department is going to be making improvements as well, including the downtown river greenway phase 3 project.

It’ll look similar to what’s already in place near the current Cherapa building.

“So it’ll be access down to the river, it’ll be river walk trail along that stretch in front of the Steel District property,” Parks and Recreation Director Don Kearney said.

Next to that will be the new Jacobson Plaza, which will feature an ice ribbon and the city’s first all-inclusive playground.

“That will accommodate individuals regardless of their abilities; whether they have physical impairments, but also for able body kids as well,” Kearney said.

Those projects will provide a seamless connection between downtown and Falls Park.

To accommodate all that growth, the public works department is going to be busy, starting with North Minnesota Avenue.

Crews will add a median from Russell Avenue south to 6th Street, reducing the number of turning lanes.

“Minnesota Avenue is a key gateway for our community and today we’ll see a lot of redevelopment that happens on the shoulders of Minnesota Avenue,” Public Works Director Mark Cotter said.

The city will also be replacing the old 6th Street Bridge.

“6th Street Bridge, we are going to coin it as the Unity Bridge, in some cases you will commemorate one person on a bridge, we are going to try and set up the landscape of the 6th street bridge to have a place for the next 5,10, 25 years where we can highlight and feature people who have made significant contributions to the city of Sioux Falls,” Cotter said.

Then there’s going to be a makeover of Phillips Avenue, between 8th street to 10th Street that will include all new utilities.

These are just some of the projects the city and private developers are working on to make downtown Sioux Falls even more inviting.

“It’ll be an active 24/7 type of environment that we will start to see down there,” Eckhoff said.

The city estimates there will be almost a half-billion dollars worth of improvements made by the city and private investors.