SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – EmBe works to empower women to achieve their goals and celebrate those accomplishments. The organization is able to do that through a variety of programs they offer to the community.

Jacinda Cerwinske first became familiar with EmBe back in 2017 when she was hired as a childcare teacher.

While working there, one of the first programs she was introduced to was Dress for Success, where she got a new wardrobe for her job.

“Going to my first ‘suiting,’ we call it at Dress for Success, you get a suitor, a person that helps you find clothes, going from that to just having clothes that define me as a person, I felt very confident and very, ready to take on whatever came my way,” participant of different programs at EmBe, Jacinda Cerwinske said.

Dress for Success is just one of the many programs designed to help women in their personal and professional lives.

“Some of the set programs that we have are Making Cents, Tapestry, our Women’s Leadership program, and we are also trying to try a different approach from just doing programs to actually just meeting women physically where they are,” executive director of women’s programming, Megan Bartel said.

Cerwinske also utilized some of those programs.

“I then got into the tapestry program which is a program for women who are already working, already in the workforce, to support one another if we’re having struggles, if we’re having exciting things happen, we can share those, and support each other,” Cerwinske said. “It’s called ‘Making Cents,’ it’s a financial class for women, it’s all women, and you learn identity theft tips, how to not be a victim of that, budgeting, making the most out of your money.”

Bartel says through these services, they’ve been able to help hundreds of women. She says they help women no matter what stage of life they are in.

“We also just want to help be a support to women and whether it’s something you’re just struggling with in your life, or not sure what the next step in your life is, we want you to think of EmBe when you’re kind of in that crossroads,” Bartel said. “We just really want to see that full circle of empowerment where people use our services and programs, but then they feel so led and fulfilled by going through the programs that they want to come back and do that and help support somebody else,” Bartel said.

Which is just what Jacinda has done. While she no longer works at EmBe, she makes sure to volunteer during closet sales each year.

“I have volunteered every year since I started with Dress for Success, it’s fun seeing women get excited about refreshing their wardrobe and walk out with a smile on their face feeling uplifted and empowered to go out and be themselves,” Cerwinske said.

She says the organization has positively impacted her life and encourages others to turn to EmBe for the same encouragement and support she received.

“It’s a place where you can be who you are and it’s crazy to me thinking I’m a different person because of them,” Cerwinske said. “Their positivity, their outlook on life, for women and for women who are struggling, who are not struggling, it’s for any woman to come and be a part of a community that will support you and be who you want to be.”

You can find a list of the programs offered at EmBe here.