SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –It’s the fountain of youth bottled up in a tiny syringe.

“Oh your skin is looking nice,”

Dr. Alison Tendler, a board-certified ophthalmologist, surgeon, and owner of Art Vision, sees a growing number of men who want to get their Brotox.

“Brotox is really the male version of Botox, so they use it Brotox and of course it makes sense, hey Bro,” Dr. Tendler said.

It’s extremely popular on both the East and West coasts, but it’s growing in the midwest too and the men seeking Brotox may surprise you.

“It’s not just the young professional who is out in front of a sales group presenting, going on zoom meetings, or one on one with a customer or consumers, I’ve got farmers, I’ve got ranchers and have people who are also in those industries who simply just want to look their best,” Dr. Tendler said.

That’s why Tendler says she’s been seeing more and more men undergoing cosmetic procedures at Art Vision.

“So these lines that people don’t like here and men have really deep lines there, crow’s feet and lines on the forehead, I think those are the most popular areas for people to get their brotox,” Dr. Tendler said.

Paul Amundson, who considers himself in good health and works out almost daily, is part of that growing number of men who are trying to turn back the hands of time.

“I turned 60 last year and we have a 5 year old and I got to look like somewhat similar in age to the other parents,” Amundson said.

To see the difference, here’s a before and after shot of Amundson’s forehead.

Amundson says there was no hesitation on his part when he first started doing Botox and ever since then he’s been encouraging others to get started.

“I’ve advocated this to many of my friends, some of them have picked up on it, certainly a lot of other people have noticed how I look younger and obvious it’s an outward appearance and that can have a positive impact and when people give you good positive comments and it just shows you are taking good care of yourself,” Amundson said.

Daniel Hartley, who was a pediatric intensive care flight nurse and nurse practitioner, is now administering Botox from her home in her makeshift studio.

“I started in the medical field over 15 years ago and I have a passion for facial aesthetics doing botox and fillers and found a way to make people happy,” Hartley said.

Hartley has over 150 happy clients and says a growing number of them are men.

“Botox is something not many men know or talk about, but it’s something that’s really easy to get done over your lunch hour; takes about 15 minutes to get the procedure done and then you can go back to work,” Hartley said.

Both Hartley and Tendler say these injections, with little downtime and natural-looking results, give men the same benefits women have enjoyed for decades.

“They want to start taking care of themselves and being the best selves totally, not just on their skin and their face, but start taking care of their bodies with their nutrition, emotions, psychology; all those things are going into how do I be the best version of myself and I think Botox is just an easy way to get started in that process,” Dr. Tendler said.

“Don’t be hesitant, don’t feel like it’s something vain; it really helps you feel better, it helps you look better and feel younger as well and overall a very positive experience with no negative impact,” Amundson said.

Tendler says that positive experience is helping erase the stigma of vanity surrounding cosmetic procedures for men.

“People aren’t afraid of it and they are not afraid to let other people know they’re doing it,” Dr. Tendler said.

“If they find out you’re doing Botox or Brotox, it’s like you look really good, I want to look like that,”