SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) — A Sioux Falls girl is following her dreams of becoming a successful writer. 11-year-old Kaylea McBrien began writing her first book and published it this summer.

Kaylea McBrien has had a love for books since she was little…

“My favorite genre is mystery books, and that’s what I like. I really like reading and to write,” said Kaylea McBrien, writer.

So much so, she decided to start writing stories of her own.

“I just like letting my imagination flow and writing different stories because they’re all different. And it’s just fun,” Kaylea said.

“She had been writing a bunch of short stories over the last couple of years. And they were very good. So I told her, you should make a book out of that,” said Shanna McBrien, mother.

Earlier this year, Kaylea started writing her own book, The New Pet. The story is based off her experiences with her own dogs: Chevy, Cuddles and her newest puppy Bandit. Her book was published at the end of July.

“I was so excited. And I was just so happy that- because I never thought I’d achieve it!” Kaylea said.

Kaylea’s writing journey began here last year at John F. Kennedy Elementary with the help of a special teacher.

“I love words written, spoken, all of that! I love to write, I love to read, and I think part of that rubbed off on some kids, Kaylee obviously especially,” said Kristianne Irsfeld, 5th grade teacher.

Kristi Irsfeld has been a teacher at JFK for 18 years. Last year, Kaylea last year was in her class.

“Kaylea is a student that really wants to do well. And she will ask questions, and really wants to understand the reasoning behind something,” Irsfeld said.

As she wrote, Kaylea turned to Irsfeld and her parents for feedback and edits.

“I was able to go ahead and make comments as we went through each paragraph for each chapter as she mapped it out. And she was able to then resolve the things that I had written or respond to me and why she had something there,” Irsfeld said.

In just two months, Kaylea’s book has sold over 100 copies.

“I have used it as an inspiration for my kids this year, that one of my students last year wrote a book this summer, it’s published, it’s available on Amazon. Like I mean, look at all of these amazing things you can do,” Irsfeld said.

“It’s really neat to hear stories from people that have read it, you know, family, friends, and on and on about how it inspired them more their classrooms. And it’s just, it’s neat to hear how it just different kids are inspired by her. It’s amazing,” Shanna said.

Kaylea is now in the process of writing another book in the mystery genre.

“I’m gonna write another book about a lake house. And it’s going to be in the mystery genre. And there’s going to be some spooky things going on,”

She plans to continue writing with the goal of one day becoming a best-selling author.

Kaylea plans to use the money from her book sales for college.