Exercising In The Heat


This summer weather has many people taking your exercise outdoors.

But sometimes that heat and humidity can make your workout harder and at times dangerous. 

Greg Koch has been an active runner for ten years. 

“It’s amazing where our legs can take us… and so I’ve gotten to really see a lot of different things and really enjoy being outside connecting with the great outdoors and also being fit,” Koch said. 

He says he prefers the outdoors, weather permitting. 

“With the humidity up it’s really been draining to stay on my training plan and stay active,” Koch said.

Thayne Munce with the Sanford Sports Science Institute says when the heat strikes, don’t be afraid to lighten or modify your workout.

“The heat does impair endurance performance. So that’s something that people need to be aware of if they have certain times that they want to meet during a workout, that they may have to slow down a little bit or they may want to reduce their distance because it is going to be difficult for them to perform,” Munce said. 

Koch agrees. 

“It’s not always necessarily about time and being able to slow down when it gets hot and humid,” Koch said. 

It all comes down to listening to your body. If it’s too hot outside, it’s time to take it indoors. 

Munce says there’s no specific temperature to avoid, but there are warning signs.

“When you start to get a headache or feel nauseous, or feel sick that’s an indication that that heat exhaustion has progressed into something a little more severe. So, people should really stop their activity at that point,” Munce said. 

But if you’re like Koch and enjoy seeing the outdoors while you exercise, Munce suggests going early in the morning to avoid some of the heat. 

And although he’s not a fan of the treadmill, Koch says he’ll pick his health over a scenic route any day. 

“It’s… you know, a run is not worth getting sick or hurting yourself,” Koch said. 

Another important reminder when exercising outside, make sure you stay hydrated.

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