There are signs of new life sprouting at Sioux Falls City Hall, and it’s not just the flowers.

“Sioux Falls is growing, and we want to continue to encourage that growth,” Erica Beck said.

Beck will soon be the new Chief of Staff for newly elected mayor, Paul TenHaken. Beck’s name might sound familiar because she worked at the city from 2005 through 2012 as a planner and the economic development manager. She then worked for a nonprofit and in the private sector, most recently as Vice President of Development at Lloyd Companies.

“I’ve had an opportunity to experience a lot of different facets of our community,” Beck said.

Since she’s worked for one of the largest developers in Sioux Falls, will there be any conflicts of interest? Beck says she’s going to fill out a financial disclosure form.

“That will hopefully help paint the picture to the public that this person in this role, which will be me moving forward, doesn’t have a conflict of interest coming from the private sector to the public sector,” Beck said.

Beck also wants to have a more consistent proposal, or RFP, process for developers, along with more transparency.

“I have a strong skill set in leadership and management and empowering employees. I needed someone who had some experience in the private and public sector in development and urban planning,” Mayor Paul TenHaken said.

Planning that Beck says needs to set the city up for success for years to come.

“Our community is at a critical stage in terms of growth. We have to address that growth and understand how we’re going to encourage growth in the future and what kind of growth we need,” Beck said.

Growth coming in more forms than floral.

Beck officially begins as chief of staff on June 18.

Since this position didn’t exist under the previous administration, KELOLAND News asked TenHaken where the money will come from.

He says there’s an open project manager position that will not be filled.

The City’s Community Development Director is also resigning. TenHaken says that position may or may not be filled.