We are one week away from the Sioux Falls School Board making a final vote on new middle school and high school boundaries.

Jefferson High School isn’t set to open until fall 2021, but 19-year-old Augustana University student Mia Becic could one day work there.

“I’d love to be a teacher in the Sioux Falls School District at one of our high schools, and maybe one day at Jefferson High School,” Becic said.

As the district considers boundary changes, she wants to see economic equality among the schools.

“We have this opportunity and this beautiful chance to help all students in Sioux Falls, and we’ve neglected them for far too long already, so if we have this chance to balance out the free and reduced lunch numbers in Sioux Falls, then we should take it,” Becic said.

You can review the economic and ethnic diversity among different boundary options here.

On Wednesday the Sioux Falls School Board will have a work session. Both middle school and high school boundaries are going to be discussed.

“We want to make sure it, we’re being very transparent to the public what we are looking at, we’re making sure we’re addressing the questions that people asked us, and also we can weigh the pros and cons in a public forum,” board president Cynthia Mickelson said.

There are various high school and middle school boundary options on the table. One is called high school option A2.

“After the first board meeting on June 8th, some family members from I would say west of that Minnesota Avenue dividing line that are currently in Lincoln High School district, but in the, in that A version would go to Roosevelt, reached out and some families in current Washington boundary that in the A version would go to Lincoln,” Mickelson said.

Some Washington parents wanted high school option A2, but Mickelson says more people associated with Washington have contacted her who are against it.