Students are heading back to class at Sioux Falls Public Schools Thursday. Teachers at Roosevelt High School have some unique challenges, with record enrollment this year!

KELOLAND News stopped by the building Wednesday afternoon to see how they’re preparing for the flood of kids. 

About 2,360 students will be coming and going from Roosevelt this school year.

“So it’s every single classroom filled every single day. Teachers don’t get any, there’s no planning time in classrooms. We have common planning areas,” said Tim Hazlett, Roosevelt High School Principal.

That’s the perspective of the principal, Tim Hazlett, but how do the teachers in the heart of the chaos feel about the capacity breaking year?

“Within my classroom it’s not going to change. There might be some unique things in the hallway with more students, but in my classroom during our time not a whole lot,” said Micah Nordin, Social Studies teacher. 

“It might be challenging from a logistic standpoint, but our support systems at Roosevelt and the overall team atmosphere of our staff have really helped ease the burden,” said Eric DeJong, Government teacher. 

Both teachers say this growth is actually a good thing for the kids, who get to experience more diversity from their peers. Students shouldn’t notice too many other differences.

Classroom sizes will stay between 25 to 30, as always. But they will feel the impact of higher enrollment in other parts of their day.

“So outside of the classroom, passing, parking, lunch times, events. Any kind of assemblies takes a little more planning,” said Hazlett. 

Not every student can fit in the gym or auditorium at the same time. With a continually growing student body, the prospect of keeping this up for a long time is a little worrisome for the staff.

“We’re going to have to do something, otherwise the community that we have here at Roosevelt is going to be affected,” said Nordin. 

A bond election for the school district will be on September 18. This would create funding for a few new schools around Sioux Falls.