Students welcomed back to school with 100-foot mural


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – A new mural at Patrick Henry Middle School is painting a bigger picture for their students.

Over the past summer, local artist Terra Cypher has brought four unique murals to the halls of the school, and her latest piece is also her biggest for a number of reasons.

It’s still early Fall, so you may not find a ton of color outside but there’s plenty to be found in the halls of Patrick Henry Middle School thanks to their new mural. Before, it was just a wall and now it’s bursting with color.

“It used to be the cream color, so when you’d walk by, you’d kind of see, ‘Oh. It’s just a wall,’ but this makes the whole hallway pop,” 8th Grade Student Council Member Noe Liecole said.

Also on this wall is a quote which tells students to make their dreams happen. Staying true to those words, members of the student council used fundraising money to pay for help from local artist, Terra Cypher.

“I just did a sketch up of, you know, just doing a lot of fun dots and making that just pop and be fun around the whole thing and incorporating the colors into the text,” Artist and Owner of Wild Goat Designs Terra Cypher said.

She’s made three other murals for the school, and this is her biggest one by far, stretching at least one hundred feet wide.

“It’s definitely a beast to conquer when it’s quite this large, but it was fun,” Cypher said.

And stretching the possibilities for those who pass by.

“Kids come in this way in the morning, they go to lunch, they leave school, so it’s a constant reminder of the mindset we want them to have,” Teacher and Student Council Adviser Danielle Cleveland said.

“You can see in their eyes; It, kind of, lights up, and also I’ve heard from teachers too; It just makes everyone’s day better all around,” Liecole said.

“Just knowing that it’s being motivational just really, kind of, helps feel… it just makes me feel like… I don’t know, warm and fuzzy inside that it’s such a positive thing in this school,” Cypher said.

And now that thing is inspiring other schools to follow in their footsteps.

“We’re hearing of other schools that are seeing this and starting to do the same thing. Our teachers came back after a long summer and said, ‘Oh my gosh, look at that,’ and then, when we had open house, as parents were coming through the hallways, and the students were coming through, you know, the excitement to be greeted by this quote and the beauty of the art was really exciting,” Cleveland said.

What’s just as exciting, is knowing that the students helped make it happen.

“Oh, it’s so awesome because everyone sees it and they’re all like, ‘Whoa that’s so cool. I can’t believe you did that,’ and just to be like, ‘Oh yeah, I helped do it,’ is really cool,” 7th Grade Student Council Member Kinley Freese said.

“You can’t just wish for things to happen, you can’t just want things to happen, you have to work to make it happen, but it can be a really fun and exciting journey to make those things happen,” Cypher said

To see more of Cypher’s works, you can check out her ETSY page Wild Goat Designs.

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