SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Educators at a Sioux Falls high school are helping students “Escape the Vape” with a week-long campaign.

From homework to tests to deciding what to do after graduation, there’s a lot students have to do as they navigate their way through high school.

“One thing we do is that we do reach out to our students and we do needs assessments and vaping and substance use disorder and just mental health support were three really strong areas that came across in the needs assessment of them wanting continued resources and supportive information,” Washington High School counselor Tamara Nold said.

Students are participating in an “Escape the Vape” campaign this week at Washington High School. The goal is to promote awareness about the effects of vape products.

“One of the trivia questions today was, ‘Does vaping actually alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression?’ And it actually doesn’t; there’s been a lot of research to say that nicotine actually can exasperate or increase those symptoms,” Nold said.

Throughout the week there will be different activities to get students engaged, such as trivia, guest speakers, as well as students filling out self-care pledge cards.

“We know that our students are part of a larger local, state and national community that has seen an increase in vaping and so we wanted to make sure to address those needs,” Nold said.

Nold says it’s also important to help students find positive ways to cope with stress.

“When we look at those types of things we want to be able to provide support and say, ‘What are some healthy alternatives that students can engage in as they travel through some difficult things in their lives,'” Nold said.

On Thursday, resource tables will be set up to provide additional information from the Department of Health and other community partners.