Students Celebrate Kindness Week


This time of year, It’s easy to be taken over by the cold winter blues. But not for the students at Discovery Elementary who are keeping things warm, by being warm to others.

When you step into the halls of Discovery Elementary School, you may feel something around every corner.

What it that feeling? Kindness.

“This week we’re having kindness week; it’s part of our student counsel. We just really wanted to promote kindness and celebrate those who have been kind to us,” School Counselor Jacee Johnson said.

Each day the kids learn new ways to be kind, both to themselves and to others. Tuesday’s goal: To make a new friend.

“I’ve already had a lot of students pop into my office and say, ‘I did something kind,’ or, ‘I made a new friend,’ and kind of explain what they did,” Johnson said.

Every day the kids are offered a new daily kindness challenge to complete, but sometimes they discover a new way to be kind.

Young Gemechisa Deko didn’t even hesitate when he noticed a fellow classmate’s paper fall on the floor…

“I did a nice thing because I went- I saw a paper on the ground and I said to her, ‘ is this your paper?’ and she said, ‘Yes,’ and she said, ‘Thank you,'” Deko said.

Showing that kindness can go beyond the usual expectations.

“I think kindness is important in just – especially the little things, whether it’s picking up trash you see in the hallway, or maybe avoiding a conflict with someone,” Johnson said. 

“Because, you can help people and after that they can be kind to people too,” Deko said.

Wednesday, the kids will be designing place mats for assisted living homes around Sioux Falls. Hoping to cure those winter blues, by infecting everyone with a little kindness.

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