‘Running Start’ Kicks Off At Patrick Henry


Over the next three summer weeks, future sixth graders are getting to know the ins and outs of Patrick Henry Middle School. The Running Start program teaches nearly 200 kids to feel comfortable at Patrick and be leaders amongst their peers this next school year. 

Hady Cisar is transitioning from John Harris Elementary to Patrick Henry Middle School this next year but she’s a bit nervous about the switch. 

“Yeah because I don’t know where everything is. We had a field trip here but that didn’t cover all of it,” Cisar said. 

Cisar is one of 60 taking part in two Running Start sessions this week. Teacher Ruth Johnson says some kids show up acting pretty timid but leave feeling well prepared. 

“There is huge growth from the beginning of the session to the end of the session,” Johnson said. 

From practicing on lockers to scavenger hunts, these future sixth graders will get a great feel for the school over these next four days.

While it’s important to master your locker combination, Cisar is curious about other school amenities. 

Cisar: Lunch because I don’t know where the cafeteria is.

Matt Holsen: That’s important.

Cisar: Yeah. 

The students will tour that later this week. In the meantime, they’re getting to know each other and the halls they’ll be walking for the next three years. 

“This is about half of what our sixth-grade population is. So these guys become the leaders of our school in sixth grade. It’s amazing. The sixth-grade teachers say that they see a huge influence with these kids helping out the other kids with opening lockers and getting to know the school. We challenge them to be leaders and they really step up to that challenge,” Johnson said.

Each day the students will be at the school for just under four hours. 

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