Patrick Henry Middle School Students 'Walking-In' On March 14

sioux falls, sd - On March 14, many students across the country will be leaving class as part of national walk out day to honor the 17 students and staff killed during a school shooting in Parkland, Florida.  In Sioux Falls, students at Patrick Henry Middle school will be walking in.
KELOLAND News talked with school administrators and students to see what exactly that means. 

"I feel like the walk out is a good way to show our respects to the families of the students, whose lives were lost," eighth grader Garret Hoffman said. 

Eighth grader Jolynn Wilson approached administration about wanting to do the walk-out and together they came up with a plan for the day. 

"We decided at Patrick Henry that we would make it a walk-in. We just wanted to make sure that the number one priority is student safety and so we felt like the safest way for them to show their support is to do that within the school," Principal Kim Sharping said. 

Sixth, seventh and eighth graders who want to participate in the walk-in will go to designated areas at 10:00 a.m., the same time schools nationwide will be taking part. 

"Once they're there, their plan was to have a moment of silence for the victims of school shootings, specifically in Florida," Sharping said. 

Wilson plans on saying a few words of encouragement during their walk-in time. 

"To think about instead of, 'Oh, I did this on this day and walked out,' to maybe just take that down and reach out to others instead of speaking for it because actions speak louder than words," Wilson said. 

These students have had time to reflect on the shooting in Florida and want to make sure they're looking out for each other. 

"I thought of their point of view and wonder if they had anyone to help them out, through it and it's pretty obvious they didn't. So I was thinking if someone in our school was like that, hopefully someone would help their back or help them through it," Hoffman said. 

"To always remember that if you see someone you need to help them because you never know what they can be going through," Wilson said.
Two other Sioux Falls middle schools also plan on participating in the walk out on March 14.

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